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Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s Millionaire Yoga Retreat to the 9 Vishnu Temples for Wealth is a GO! (13 to 16 Feb 2014)

January 22, 2014

Millionaire Yoga Retreat 2014


Namaste everyone,

Dr PillaiI am pleased to let you know that Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s Millionaire Yoga Miracle Retreat to Navatirupati (The 9 Wealth Temples of Vishnu) in India is a GO!

This trip is organised by Dr Pillai’s US organisation, namely Pillai Center and co-organised by Baba’s Asia Community in Singapore.



Watch Babaji Speak about His Millionaire Yoga Miracle Retreat &

The Significance of the 9 Wealth Temples of  Vishnu

Dr Pillai Millionaire Yoga Collage

Click on the picture above to learn more about Babaji’s Millionaire Yoga Retreat



About Dr Pillai’s Millionaire Yoga Miracle Retreat

Glorious VISHNU

Glorious VISHNU

Vishnu is the form of the divine that gives material and money blessings.

Navatirupati refers to 9 temples of Vishnu that give 9 different forms of money, wealth and material blessings.

For the 1st time, Dr Pillai will be delivering His teachings and lectures for you to develop the millionaire consciousness not in a seminar room but on-location at each of the Navatirupati temples.

Dr Pillai has never done this before

Dr Pillai chose to teach directly on-location at each of the Navatirupati’s temple vortex because while Dr Pillai is delivering His lectures for you to develop a millionaire’s consciousness on a mind level, on a different unseen level, Dr Pillai will be channelling specific money, wealth and material blessings associated that particular VISHNU temple vortex deep into your very body, mind and soul.


To learn more and register, visit Eventbrite Logo


Dr Pillai speaking on-site at one of the 9 Temples for Vishnu during His 2013 Birthday Trip



BONUS Empowerments You Will Receive For

Dr Pillai’s Millionaire Yoga Retreat


gold coinsDuring Dr Pillai’s Millionaire Yoga Miracle Retreat, besides your on-site seminars with Dr Pillai and sacred initiations from Him, the other sacred empowerments you will receive include:

(1) daily homas (sacred fire rituals) to develop a millionaire’s consciousness

(2) a Vedic astrologer consultation (to remedy any financial blockages)

(3) a yantra (sacred diagram inscribed on a copper plate) will be constructed for each participant and energised at each of the 9 Wealth Temples of Vishnu so that you can have the money blessings of Vishnu always with you!


Trip costs: US$2,400

(a) seminar fee: US$2000
(b) trip expenses (accommodations/transport/meals/rituals/miscellaneous items): US$400


INCLUDES (while you are on the trip):

(i) your food and meals;

(iii) bottled water;

(iv) your coach transport

(v) all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers;

(vi) all temple rituals for the group including abishekams, poojas and archanas

(vii) your pick up from the Trichy airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the Trichy airport when you are departing from India. (NOTE: Only applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the given scheduled time).


(i) the cost of your international return air ticket to India

(ii) your visa costs to enter India

(iii) any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary

(iv) your personal room service charges / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals

(v) your travel insurance for the trip

(vi) your pickup and drop off at the Trichy airport if you arrive and are departing outside the scheduled group arrival and departure times


Dr Pillai lecturing at Navatirupati


Flight Information & How To Qualify For The Group Pickup/Dropoff

Arrival into Trichy, India:

13 Feb 2014: You should fly INTO Trichy (also known as Thiruchirapalli) International Airport between 9 pm to 11 pm (India standard time).

Departure from Trichy (India)

16 Feb 2014 (Sunday): You will fly OUT OF Trichy International Airport for Singapore (or your respective home destination). We are scheduled to arrive at Trichy by 7:00 pm so you can book your flight to depart from India anytime after 10 pm (India standard time) on 16 Feb 2014.


How To Sign Up

If you would like to join us, please register with us as soon as possible.

You will need to make full payment for trip LATEST by 1 Feb 2014



To learn more and register, visit Eventbrite Logo





1) This trip is organised by one of Dr Pillai’s companies in Singapore known as PHOENEMIC INTELLIGENCE PTE LTD. Anyone can join this trip. You need not be from Singapore to participate.

2)  To register and reserve your spot, you will need to make full payment of US$2,400 by 1 February 2014.

3) Please DO NOT book your air ticket until we confirm your place on Dr Pillai’s MILLIONAIRE YOGA MIRACLE RETREAT. We will not be liable for your air ticket costs under any circumstances.

4) If you decide to cancel your spot on the trip after making full payment i.e. cancel after 1 February 2014, we will refund you only 50% of your trip price paid as we would have already paid in advance for a portion of your hotel and transport costs in India.

5) Due to the spiritual nature of the trip, Dr Pillai, his employees, agents and/or Phoenemic Intelligence Pte Ltd, do not make any representation and/or warranty as to any outcome resulting and/or arising from your participation in Dr Pillai’s MILLIONAIRE YOGA MIRACLE RETREAT or its component trips.

6) The organisers of Dr Pillai’s MILLIONAIRE YOGA MIRACLE RETREAT reserve the right to alter, amend or substitute the powerspots listed above that will be visited during the trip.

7) If you decide to arrive earlier in India or depart from India outside the scheduled itinerary, and you want Dr Pillai’s ashram to arrange a separate itinerary (flight booking or accommodations) for you, there will be a S$50 admin charge.

8) You will be required to sign a disclaimer prior to your participation in Dr Pillai’s MILLIONAIRE YOGA MIRACLE RETREAT

9) You are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance for yourself



DR BASKARAN PILLAI, PHOENEMIC INTELLIGENCE PTE LTD. AND/OR ITS EMPLOYEES, STAFF, AGENTS AND/OR VOLUNTEERS SHALL not be liable for any loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) whatsoever or illness you suffer while you are on the DR PILLAI’S MILLIONAIRE YOGA MIRACLE RETREAT.



With love,


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