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You are invited to Join Tripura Foundation’s first ever “Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to India” (21 to 23 Feb 2014)

February 5, 2014


Namaste everyone,

Baba (SG Edit)Recently, I shared with you about our upcoming powerspot trip with Dr Pillai (Babaji) that will give you a tremendous boost to your wealth and money karma for 2014 and beyond, i.e. Babaji’s Millionaire Yoga Retreat to the 9 Wealth Temples of Vishnu. (If you missed that post and would like to learn more, please click HERE)

In this post, I would like to share with you about a wonderful powerspot trip that will shower you with countless Divine grace and spiritual blessings, i.e. Tripura Foundation’s first ever Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to India (21 to 23 February 2014) and you are invited to be a part of this pioneer divine trip!

To learn more about how you can be a part of this magical adventure, please continue reading below:


Flower 7.

What is the Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to India all about?

On the trip, you will have the opportunity to learn and see for yourself how Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers and their other initiatives such as the HoPE for the Elderly programs are changing the lives of thousands of children and elderly on a day by day basis.

We will take you to visit both just-starting-out and current HoPE Centers and you will be able to see for yourself how in just a short time, through Babaji’s Phonemic Intelligence techniques, the poor children who start out at each HoPE Center as shy and lagging behind in their studies, become model students performing at the top of their class.

However, we did not conceive the Ambassadors of HoPE Trip just to give you a chance to know about a HoPE Center.

Sometime ago, we visited several HoPE Centers and I remember the children were so excited to see all of us!

These children came from the slums, rural villages or had to work because their parents were too poor afford to send them to school. These children could not believe that there were people who cared for them and their joy at this very simple act was overwhelming.

For us, although we were just visiting a HoPE Center, all of us felt really privileged for the wonderful opportunity to bring happiness and joy to another human being.

Thus, in truth, we conceived this trip to give you an opportunity to become an ambassador of overflowing love, compassion, joy and hope to both the children at HoPE Centers and elderly, aged and handicapped under Tripura Foundation’s HoPE for the Elderly program.



As an Ambassador of HoPE, you will:

(i) visit several HoPE Centers to see for yourself how the destinies of poor children are being dramatically changed.

Thanks to Babaji’s simple but powerful Phonemic Intelligence enhancing techniques, such children no longer have to embrace their destinies as road sweepers, cooks, cleaners and attendants. Instead, HoPE Center children have now the courage and confidence to aspire to be doctors, engineers and beneficial members of society.

(ii) serve as an inspiration and beacon of hope to the HoPE Center children you will be meeting.  We are inviting you to introduce these children to new cultures and to the world beyond their rural village by sharing with them about your home country and what you do there.

(iii) help in the preparation and distribution of meals to the HoPE Center children. You will also be distributing clothes, writing materials for school and personal items sponsored by donors.

Moringa(iv)make a difference in the communities around the HoPE Center by planting highly nutritious Moringa trees near the HoPE Center. The Moringa Plant is an important source of nutritious food and sustenance for the children.

(v) help save a life of another human being by distributing meals to the elderly, aged and handicapped under Tripura Foundation’s HoPE for the Elderly program. Such souls would otherwise starve because they have no other means to obtain food as they are elderly and infirmed.

(vi) be a proxy of love and compassion for Tripura Foundation’s donors by handing out on their behalf blankets/clothes/essential food supplies and person hygiene items (sponsored by such donors) to the elderly, aged and handicapped under Tripura Foundation’s HoPE For the Elderly Program.



How does the Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to India Work?

The Ambassadors of HoPE Trip is open to anyone.

Your only key criteria is a love and a desire to help the less fortunate.


Your own costs:*

(i) your return flight to India.

**If you are flying from Singapore, the cost of the airflight to Trichy is currently S$435. You can book your flight once I confirm your space on the trip

ii) your accommodations

We have already reserved a number of rooms for both nights of the trip at decent hotels in Trichy & Madurai.

Each room is based on double occupancy and cost 3600 Indian rupees (S$75 / US$60) per room. That means if you are sharing the room with someone, each person’s cost is about S$37/US$30 per night.)

*(terms and conditions apply)


What we are giving back to you:

As Tripura Foundation’s Ambassador of HoPE , we will:

  • pick you up and drop you off for your arrival and departure respectively from the Trichy airport
  • provide you with meals (lunch and dinner on both days) during the trip
  • take care of the group’s transport costs during the trip as we visit the various HoPE Centers and HoPE for the Elderly program centers in a mini-bus


But Wait, There is More!

We acknowledge that you are taking valuable time, effort and expense to serve as an Ambassador of Hope for Tripura Foundation and we really want to give the highest blessings to our Ambassadors of HoPE!

You will be pleased to know that during the trip, we will take our Ambassadors of HoPE to visit and have darshan (sight of the Divine) of the most powerful Karuppaswamy temple in South India at Azhagar Temple outside Madurai.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Karuppaswamy, Dr Pillai (Baba) has spent a lot of time over the last two years introducing us to Karuppaswamy, who as Baba describes, is a “performer god” who gives results.

Karuppaswamy is most well known as the God of Justice and and rights things wrong.

We visited Karuppaswamy at this most powerful shrine and you can watch the video below.

Karuppaswamy is so powerful here that the door to his shrine is kept locked all throughout the year save for a brief period only once a year.



Note: When we visited Karuppaswamy’s shrine three years ago, it was undergoing renovation. Since then, renovations have been completed and the temple looks grander than before.


You can also learn more about Karuppaswamy HERE and also watch Baba’s video below:



How Can I Join The Ambassadors of HoPE Trip?

The trip is already a go as we want you be able to get your flights tickets at a good rate.

You will be flying into Trichy airport (India) on 21 Feb 2014 (pm) and departing from Trichy airport after 9 pm on 23 Feb 2014.


However, as we can only accept a maximum number of 12 people for this trip, you will need to check with me first whether there is space available on the trip.



Drop me a note at


With love


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