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“An Alternative to Meditation: Talk To God” – Dr Pillai’s Vedic New Year Webcast (14 April 2014, 10 pm ET | 15 April 2014, 7:30 am IST / 10 am SG)

April 12, 2014

Baba Vedic New Year 1


Namaste everyone,

Join Dr Pillai (Babaji) for His special 2014 Vedic webcast where Babaji will teach how you can make your mind stop thinking random thoughts and be in a state of higher thought & consciousness.

Babaji will also teach you techniques on how to talk to God.


Here are the details to join Babaji’s webcast (depending on the timezone you are in):

14 April 2014: 10 pm ET | 15 April 2014: 7:30 am IST / 10 am SG



Baba Vedic New Year 2



Baba Vedic New Year 3



With love,


Dr Pillai at the Ara Kara Temple (South India)

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