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We Are Proud to Honour TEO SZE LIN, an Artist Who Gives Back to Tripura Foundation

April 18, 2014

Namaste everyone,

Lin Teo Art BioIn this special feature, I would like to salute Teo Sze Lin who sponsored the bulk of the HoPE Gift packs that we distributed during our first Ambassador of HoPE Trip in Feb 2014.

Sze Lin sponsored 140 out of the total 192 HoPE Gift Packs that we gave out to the children of the HoPE Centers through the sale of her art work.

Sze Lin works in a corporate job by day and as she describes in her bio, discovered her talent for painting quite by accident. She was on a flight on a business trip and had this incredible urge to draw – and the rest is history.

Sze Lin has painted some beautiful works of art, the proceeds all of which she donates to charity.

You can view Sze Lin’s art at:



Click on the picture above to visit Sze Lin’s art website!


Proud_Kids_with_their_Gift_Packs_2e959447584b9Just before our Ambassadors of HoPE Trip in Feb 2014, Sze Lin contacted me and expressed her wish to sponsor HoPE Gift Packs for the Hope Center children through the sale of her art.

Sze Lin had just sold one of her art pieces for US$1000 and wanted to donate all of it towards the HoPE Gift Packs. When Sze Lin found out that we were aiming to raise funds for 140 HoPE Gift Packs, Sze Lin immediate said she was going to top up a further US$400 to sponsor 140 HoPE Gift Packs in total!

We are truly grateful to Sze Lin for her generosity since 140 HoPE Center children benefited from her donation!

Thank you Sze Lin!

Recently, Sze Lin once again re-affirmed her desire to donate more HoPE Gift Packs for our coming Ambassador of HoPE Trip, so do support Sze Lin by visiting her art site at

Inside a HoPE Gift Pack

Inside a HoPE Gift Pack

Do know that if you purchase any of her lovely art work, she will donate all of the sale proceeds towards Tripura Foundation.

To learn more about Sze Lin’ and her art, see her bio from her art website:

To sponsor an amazing HoPE Center Gift Pack for just US$10 (S$12.70) per pack, please visit Tripura Foundation at


with love


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