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New Karma Busting Powerspot Tour to India by Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) Brindavan Mystic (4-8 Sep 2014)

August 8, 2014

KB Trip


Namaste everyone,

Babaji Smiling ReduxDr Pillai (Babaji’s) spiritual tour company, Brindavan Mystic,  is organising a big karma busting trip to India in September 2014 and if you have been looking to do some serious karma busting, you may want to consider being a part of this trip.

Brindavan Mystic’s inaugural karma busting trip will be led by two of Babaji’s long-time devotees, Sucharita and Deepa, who have both lived in India for many years and are very familiar with the powerful karma busting vortices in South India

Down Arrow

Tour Leaders.




Babaji is putting His energy behind the trip and spoke about it in a recent hangout dedicated to the trip:



To download the upcoming karma busting trip itinerary, please click HERE


With love,


Dr Pillai

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