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“Goddess Lakshmi Winked At Me” (Part 2): Miracle at Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthplace

October 28, 2014

Namaste everyone,

Here is Jessica from Hong Kong sharing her experience of witnessing Goddess Lakshmi’s statue come alive and wink at her when we visited Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace in June 2012 during our Shreem Brzee powerspot trip.


Jessica Shares How Goddess Lakshmi Winked At Her


If you missed my earlier post where Vishnu shared his experience of Goddess Lakshmi winking at him, you can access it HERE



Ambassadors Collage (V4 Invite)
Upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to
Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthplace & Karma Busting 9-Temple


For our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE trip to India (7-9 November 2014), we will go to Trichy & Kumbakhonam to visit the new HoPE Centers there with the sacred mission to spread love, joy and happiness to the children at these HoPE Centers.

We want to show them that there many people all around the world who care for them.

As a great bonus and blessing to all Ambassadors who have committed their time and effort to this trip, Tripura Foundation will take you to two amazing powerspots that will:

  • bust your most stubborn and negative karma i.e. the Sun Temple; and
  • enliven and empower your body, mind and soul with the energies of wealth, abundance and divine bliss i.e. a visit to Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace!


I have posted all details about our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE trip to India (7-9 November 2014) including information about our Bonus Visit to Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthplace + Visit to the Karma Busting 9 Planet Temple.

To access this post, click HERE

Questions About The Upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip?

Do drop me a note at


With love


   Dr Pillai (Babaji) 2014

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