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Please Help Mohini Fulfill Her Birthday Wish: A Personal Request

November 7, 2014

Mohini at a TED Talk 2013


Namaste everyone,

Here is a personal message from Mohini:


Hi everyone,
Demonstrating PII’m writing to you with a request for my birthday on Nov. 10th.  Tripura Foundation is as dear to me as my child, and our donations for this year are not covering our costs.

So many people are counting on us. We are educating over 10,000 children in the US, Mexico and India who are experiencing miraculous results from our brain-changing education.  We are feeding over a million meals of HoPE each year to truly hungry people – destitute elderly lying abandoned in rural India, malnutritioned children at our HoPE Centers, and partnering with the best food banks in the US to bring food to vulnerable people in remote districts. We are giving entrepreneurial training to hundreds of needy women who slave at hard labor.

Like any mother, I cannot turn my back on my children in great need.  We are continuing to serve in the face of dwindling funds.  And we are receiving requests from many more people in dire need around the world from Africa, Haiti, Malaysia and many more locations in Mexico.

Mohini at HoPE Center Press ConferenceBefore the end of 2014, we need to raise $100,000.  For my birthday, I’m asking you to contribute anything you can to help my children. Even $10 feeds and educates a child for a month.

I’m also asking you to create your own mini-fundraiser for your birthday, the holiday season, or any celebration where you can rally support from your family and friends.  We’ve found a way to do most of the work for you.  You just need to open your heart and be willing to share the message with your email list and Facebook friends to become a HoPe Miracle Maker.

I cherish all the help you can give.  It literally means everything to me and my children in need.


With HoPE,



Mohini fundraiser Banner


green flower



(1) Visit and donate at a special site created by Tripura Foundation for Mohini’s birthday fund-raiser at:

Down Arrow

HoPE Miracle Maker 1


(2) Let the good folks at Tripura Foundation help you set up your own easy fundraiser project site for Mohini’s fund-raising appeal! To learn more, click below:


Your Own Fundraiser



With love,



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  1. November 7, 2014 7:17 pm

    All of a sudden she is visible again….

    Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 08:44:31 +0000 To:


  1. Watch Mohini’s Heartfelt Video on Her Birthday Wish | Dr Pillai (Babaji's) Asia Community Blog

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