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Good News: Bonus Visit to Goddess Lakshmi’s Birthplace Just Added To Our Dec 2014 Ambassadors of HoPE Trip (26-30 Dec 2014)

December 3, 2014

TP ChoiceAmbassadors Lakshmi Birthplace Nov 2014


A Wonderful Bonus for Our Next Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram & Mini-Siddhi Powers Trip (26- 30 Dec 2014)


Namaste everyone,

Here is some really great news.

Babaji AOH Nov 2014During our most recent Ambassadors of HoPE Trip a few weeks ago, I had intended to energise a number of sacred Goddess Lakshmi items for our community when we visited Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace.

However, these items arrived after we had visited Her birthplace and although I was determined to visit Goddess Lakshmi at Her birthplace sometime during the remainder of our trip, I just could not fit in the time to do so before we had to leave India.

I’ve therefore taken it as a divine sign from Goddess Lakshmi that we should return to visit Her at Her birthplace!

Lakshmi AOH Picture


What are we doing NOW during our December 2014 Ambassadors of HoPE Trip?

For our December 2014 Ambassadors of HoPE Trip trip, we will be:
(1) visiting 10 HoPE Centers and sharing our love and compassion with about 350 HoPE Center children
(2) taking a destiny changing bath at the Sea of Rameshwaram and 22 Karma Busting Wells of Rameshwaram.
(3) visiting and meditating at the Samadhi shrines of the greatest Siddhas (ascended Masters of Light) in the Siddha tradition in India i.e. Siddha Master Agastya, Siddha Master Thirumoolar and Siddha Master Patanjali
(4) meditate at Healing Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s powerspot on Rameshwaram
(5)  meditate at Manifesting Goddess Rakakshi Aman’s powerspot on Rameshwaram
(6) visit to and meditation at Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace to soak in Her wealth-giving energies (NEW!)
Everyone is invited to be a part of this blessed trip, and to learn more, see HERE
Our Ambassadors of HoPE Trip in Dec 2014 is a
three-for-the-value-of-one trip!
Not only is our Dec 2014 Ambassadors of HoPE Trip an Ultimate Karma Busting Trip and a Mini-Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers Powerspot Trip, our Dec 2014 Ambassadors of HoPE Trip is also now a Shreem Brzee Wealth-Enhancing Powerspot Trip!!
For those who may not be familiar with our Ambassadors of HoPE Trips, there is no cost to attend the trip. You pay for your own accommodation and meals and make a small donation to Tripura Foundation to sponsor the HoPE Gift Packs which we will be distributing to the 350 HoPE Center children we are visiting during this trip.
To learn more about our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip (26 -30 Dec 2014), about Rameshwaram and the Mini-Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers powerspot visits, please see my previous post HERE
Do let me know if you would like to join us in what promises to be a most amazing triple blessings trip!




Do drop me a note at


With love,


Ambassadors of HoPE Nov 2014Come Join Our Next Ambassadors of HoPE Trip!

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  1. December 7, 2014 12:56 pm

    If I still can get a flight ticket (to where from Singapore) will there still be space on the 26/30 Dec Mini/Siddha Powerspot journey? Please let me know, Elisa Everarda

    • December 8, 2014 12:12 pm

      Hi Elise, yes, there there are still a few spaces left on the trip. For those flying from Singapore, we will be flying on Tiger Airways TR 2668 on 26 Dec 2014 at 9:25 pm.

      Please get in touch with me directly at if you can make it.



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