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Learn About GODDESS NAMBU NAYAKI & How She Can Heal You Miraculously

December 14, 2014

Powerspot Montage (5)(Banner)

Namaste everyone,
A few days ago, I was reflecting on the sheer amazingness of the powerspots we will be visiting during our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip (26-30 Dec 2014) when it occurred to me that I had not done justice to a number of these key powerspots.
I realised that I had yet to share:
i) WHY such powerspots were so amazing; and
(ii) HOW your life can be totally transformed simply by visiting these powerspots.
Although you may not be joining us for our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip, you can still greatly benefit by learning more about these divine beings and how, through their own compassion for you, can help you both spiritually & materially.
In this post, I would like to share with you about Goddess Nambu Nayaki, the Healing Goddess, whose powerspot is on the island of Rameshwaram, Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) birthplace.
Babaji introduced us to Goddess Nambu one year ago, and since then we have had the privilege to visit this beautiful Goddess on two of our previous Ambassador of HoPE Trips to Rameshwaram.
Goddess Nambu ShreemArakara
Who is Goddess Nambu & What Can She Do For You?
In their respective videos below, Babaji and Beth Des Marais (Babaji’s long time student who has been blessed by Babaji to channel Goddess Nambu) explains what Goddess Nambu can give to you:

  • She is the goddess that can give you a miracle healing
  • anyone who goes to Goddess Nambu’s temple can be healed of any physical / emotional or karmic ailment or suffering they are currently experiencing. Goddess Nambu will enter your body, mind and karmic body to heal you of the ailment you are suffering from


Watch Babaji Reveal Why If Not For Goddess Nambu, He Would Not Be Around


Goddess Nambu came down to the earth plane thousands of years ago but knowledge of Her power has been kept hidden away from the world at large.

Watch Babaji below explain how Goddess Nambu has been inextricably connected with Babaji through His mother who would have died as a baby if not for Goddess Nambu.


Dr Pillai Nambu Nayaki ShreemArakara


After watching Babaji share His childhood memories of visiting Goddess Nambu, one thing struck me.

Babaji was born in 1949 and when He visited Goddess Nambu as a boy in the early 1950s, Babaji had to walk a long long way to Her temple to visit Goddess Nambu.

Also, at the time (the 1950s), much of Rameshwaram was still a jungle and Babaji had to cross a lake where the water level would sometimes be up to His chest and sometimes even up to His neck!

Today, things are very very different for us when we visit Goddess Nambu at Rameshwaram.

Our visit to Goddess Nambu is a comfortable 20 minute drive by car from our hotel.

Goddess Nambu’s temple is clean and peaceful and there is a nicely laid out pathway for us to reach Her temple.


Dr Pillai Nambu Nayaki's TempleGoddess Nambu Nayaki’s Temple at Rameshwaram


I was reminded how so blessed we are these days to be able to visit Goddess Nambu in comfort instead of having to endure the hardship that Babaji endured i.e  having to walk through jungles and cross bodies of water with water levels sometimes up to the neck just to visit Goddess Nambu!

Watch Beth Teach You How To Connect With Goddess Nambu
Nambu Hangout
Watch Beth teach you how to connect with Goddess Nambu in her hangout with Mohini above
How Can I Connect With Goddess Nambu?
  • join us on our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram. We will be visiting Goddess Nambu at Her powerspot at Rameshwaram.
  • Chant Goddess Nambu’s mantra which Babaji gives in His video above to call upon Her. The mantra is NARBHAVEE NAMBUNAYAKI NAMAHA
  • learn the meditation from Beth (above) to connect with Goddess Nambu.
  • you can also sign up for a Goddess Nambu healing with Beth. For more information, please see HERE
If you have any questions about our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip, feel free to drop me a note.
Patanjali Samadhi ShrineIn my next post, I will share with you more about the Ascended Master of Light Siddha Patanjali.
Siddha Patanjali is commonly known as the Father of Yoga but He is also the Master of Siddhi (supernormal) Powers and can give you the key to unlock your own siddhi and manifestation abilities.


To learn more about our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip (26-30 Dec 2014), click below

Down ArrowAOH Nov 2014


With love,



4 Comments leave one →
  1. Vojko Vovk permalink
    December 14, 2014 8:31 pm

    Dear Vijay !

    I am very grateful that you share with me all about yor activities. You are great team. I am very glad to e-mail the goddess Nambu Nayaki and wish you and your team when you visit her temple Dec. 26-30 genuine contact with her. I will thinking with you. Since I do not have the material capabilities, you can not join, but myself I would like to make contact with her. There is a problem because I do not know what it looks like. Her description, which gives Beth is incompre hensible for me because my English is not 100%. If I had a written description of her, I would have a lot of help.

    Thank you again and all the best to all team. My greetings from Slovenia to Singapore !


  2. Anil Kumar permalink
    April 25, 2015 12:42 am

    Dear Vijay,

    Thanks a lot! I am happy about Baba ji and his great teachings. I want to know how many days I should chant any of mantra?

    I am trying the shreem brzee mantra and waiting for the results. I think its showing up now. from last two years I was looking for some correct spiritual path and tried to follow many but not fully satisfied and now I reached Babaji. seems like I reached to the right place. Thanks to Baba ji. I am also interested for Light Body Program after some time. I want to know the details of this program in India? I stay in Maharastra state and Nagpur district.

    I am also having deep feeling that my God is Shiva. I feel a strong bond with him. Please guide me for this. my date of birth is 8th nov 1983. time i don’t know exactly, it is 4am around.


  3. Asha Sobhraj permalink
    December 11, 2016 11:25 am

    Thank you Babaji

  4. Praba Shankar permalink
    April 10, 2017 8:51 pm

    Dear vijay
    I m a devout follower of Dr Pillai and recently i am undergoing severe stress due to an illness. When are you going to Goddess Nambunayaki temple. I am keen to join ur group. Please inform me if you are planning by September October

    Thank you.

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