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[Dr Pillai Comics]: The Real Reason Why Yogis & Siddhas Meditate

March 28, 2015

Dr Pillai (Babaji) ShreemArakara 2015.

Namaste everyone,

After a long break, its good to be back!

Look out for a number of exciting events for our Dr Pillai (Babaji) community coming up real soon.

In the meanwhile, I am pleased to continue with our series on Babaji’s teachings in comics form starting with Babaji’s teachings on the real purpose why the yogis and siddhas meditate…

HINT: it is not just to relax or become peaceful.


Dr Pillai (Babaji) on True Purpose of Meditation is to Manifest


Babaji’s Teachings in Comixs Form

The puDr Pillai (Babaji) ShreemArakararpose of these comics is to present Babaji’s teachings in a simple and easy-to-follow form for everyone.

If you missed Parts 1 to 6, click HERE.


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With love,


Dr Pillai Thiruvanamalai

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