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Get a Rare Glimpse of Muruga’s Powerspot at Tiruthani (Ambassadors of HoPE Trip April 2015)

April 3, 2015

Tripura FoundationAOH Muruga ShreemArakara


Namaste everyone,

I had a look at my previous post about our upcoming April 2015 Ambassadors of HoPE Trip and it occurred to me that I may have been focusing more on our visit to karma busting Mt Arunachala without doing justice to the other equally amazing powerspot on our trip, namely Muruga’s battlehouse (power vortex) at Tiruthani.

To make up for this, I wanted to share with you photos we took at Muruga’s temple at Thiruthani  so you can get a glimpse of this magnificent powerspot. (Most of Muruga’s 6 greatest powerspots are located at the top of a hill and Muruga’s Tiruthani Temple is one of them.  It is fairly inaccessible as you have to drive up the hill for quite a while.)

I also want to share with you more about Muruga and why this divine archetype can help us so much both materially and spiritually.


Who is Muruga?

Muruga With Red BorderAccording to traditional divine mythology, Muruga is the son of Shiva.

Muruga is the divine warrior being that wages a war against negative forces (such as debt, disease and negative karmas) that cause suffering on the earth plane.

Muruga’s mantra is SARAVANABAVA. He also holds the secret of OM which contains the power of the universe.

RED is the colour for Muruga.

Muruga is usually depicted with a Vel, a kind of spear, in his hand.

The Vel is a powerful weapon to destroy negativity and bad karma. Concentrating on the Vel will give you divine intelligence.

The Vel is both an internal and external weapon.

Internally, the Vel is actually Goddess Parvati Herself and the vel represents the kundalini force raising from the root chakra and going to the third eye chakra and resulting in the awakening of the third eye and the destruction of ignorance.

Externally, the Vel is the mightiest psychic weapon, capable of destroying the most powerful negative forces.


Tripura Foundation


A Glimpse of Muruga’s Battlehouse (Power Vortex) at Tiruthani Hill Top’s Tiruthani Temple is located at the top of a hill


Muruga's Vel at Tiruthani (Shreemarakara)Giant Vel (Muruga’s weapon) at the temple entrance


Muruga's Temple at Tiruthani Front Exterior (ShreemArakara)Exterior of Muruga’s Tiruthani Temple


Golden Dome at Muruga's Temple at Tiruthani (ShreemArakara)Golden Dome at the top of Muruga’s Tiruthani Temple


Learn more about what Muruga can do for you

Muruga's VelMuruga has 6 battle-houses (power vortexes) across Tamil Nadu (South India). When you visit MURUGA’s 6 battle-houses (powerspots), you are on a conscious and unconscious (soul) level accessing MURUGA’s energies for:

(1) dissolving debt, disease and negativity
(2) divine wisdom and intelligence
(3) power and courage
(4) the ability to manifest your desires
(5) attraction and charisma
(6) peace for the soul and clarity of thought


Significance of Each of MURUGA’s 6 Battle-Houses (powerspots)


Significance of each of Muruga's 6 Powerspots (Shreemarakara)

 Tripura Foundation
An Advanced Understanding of What MURUGA Can Bestow…
Secrets of the LIGHT BODY!

Dr Pillai (Babaji) has over the years, revealed the more esoteric and advanced teachings associated with MURUGA that can give you the keys to attaining a Light Body.

Watch Babaji explain the esoteric secrets of Muruga.


Dr Pillai Gives Muruga Secrets (ShreemArakara)


You can click on Babaji’s picture (above) or paste the YouTube link into your browser:


Muruga: The Mystical Siddha Perspective

Muruga 6 Heads With Red BorderMURUGA is often portrayed with 6 heads. But what is the real symbolic meaning behind this?

According to Babaji, MURUGA’s 6 heads represent the 6 different parts of the brain and how they are related to the 6 chakras within your body.

The 6 MURUGAN powerspots (battle-houses) represent the 6 heads of MURUGA. When you visit any of these 6 powerspots, you are awakening one of the six specific chakras in your body and one of the six 6 parts of your brain for your own spiritual and material evolution to turn the body into Light.

We will be visiting Muruga at His vortex at Thiruthani where He blesses your soul with peace and serenity.



Mt Arunachala


To learn more about the Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Mt Arunachala at Thiruvanamalai + Trip to Tiruthani (24-26 April 2015), and the good you will be doing, please see the trip brochure by clicking HERE or pasting the following link in your browser:


Important Trip Deadline

As Tripura Foundation is sponsoring a majority of the trip costs (see brochure above), we need a minimum of 10 participants registered for the trip before we decide whether the trip is a go.

If you would like to join us for the trip, please do let me know by 5 April 2015. I will let all those who have registered know by 6 April 2015 whether the trip is a go. 


With love,


Dr Pillai (Babaji) ShreemArakara

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