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[NEW] 3 Dates To Choose From For Our Next Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram (Plus Visit to Goddess Nambu Nayaki & Siddha Patanjali)

May 17, 2015

TP ChoiceAmbassadors of Hope Trip to Rameshwaram + Goddess Nambu Nayaki+ Siddha Patanjali Visit


Namaste everyone,

I have great news about our next Ambassadors of HoPE Powerspot Trip to India.

Dr Pillai (Babaji) ShreemArakaraFirst, I am happy to let you know that we are returning to the magical island of Rameshwaram (Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s birthplace) to visit Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers there. Our mission is to spread love, joy and happiness to the children at these HoPE Centers and to show them that people all over the world care for them.

For those of you who may not know, Rameshwaram is also the greatest karma busting powerspot on the earth plane.

Babaji has explained that for that reason, He did not step off the island of Rameshwaram for the 1st 18 years of His life because Babaji wanted to fully absorb Rameshwaram’s siddhi (supernormal) karma busting powers.


Dr Pillai's Birthplace

Babaji’s birthplace – the island of Rameshwaram


As Babaji teaches, once you bust (clear) your old unwanted karma (which can also be understood as negative limiting thought patterns which hold you back), you can enjoy a new life and destiny.


Ambassadors of HOPE Trip 2014Our Ambassadors bringing much joy and love during a HoPE Center visit


Second, to make it as convenient as possible for everyone, I would like to offer three (3) dates you can choose from for our next Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to India:

(1) 19 to 21 June 2015

(2) 26 to 28 June 2015

(3) 10 to 12 July 2015


If you would like to join us on a trip and either of  the dates work for you, drop me a note at to let me know your interest. 

Once I have a minimum number of ten (10) people registered for a trip date, I’ll give that trip a GO!

Ambassadors of HoPE Nov 2014 Trip

Our Ambassadors of HoPE visiting a HoPE Center (Nov 2014)



Here are some of the amazing things we will accomplish

during our Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram

On each Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram, we will be:

Rameshwaram Bath Stylised

(1) visiting 3 HoPE Centers and sharing our love and compassion with about 150 HoPE Center children

(2) taking a karma busting + destiny changing bath at the Sea of Rameshwaram and 22 Karma Busting Wells of Rameshwaram
(3) visiting and meditating at the samadhi shrine of one of the greatest Siddhas (ascended Masters of Light) in the Siddha tradition i.e. Siddha Master Patanjali.
(4) visiting and meditating at the sacred shrine of a very powerful healing goddess, Goddess Nambu Nayaki (see below to learn why Goddess Nambu Nayaki was instrumental in bringing Babaji forth into this world)

Ambassador of HoPE David HalleyAmbassador of HoPE DAVID’s joyful moment with the HoPE Center child

Everyone is invited to be a part of this blessed trip, and to learn more, see below
Tripura Foundation’s Gift to You as an Ambassador of HoPE

Tripura Foundation will sponsor:

Tripura Heart(1) your transport for the entire 2-day trip in India. (For your reference, Tripura Foundation’s transport costs per person for the 4 day trip is S$170 for the hiring of the bus, driver, fuel – we will be traveling a total distance of about 700 km on the trip!)

(2) costs for your personalised access to the Rameshwaram sea bath + bath at the 22 Rameshwaram sacred sin dissolving wells for ultimate karma busting

As our trip attendees have experienced in the past, Tripura Foundation will pay for your specialised and personalised access to each of the Rameshwaram 22 wells. Otherwise, you have to battle with the other hundreds of pilgrims queuing for hours to bathe at each of the 22 wells.

(3) costs for all our temple rituals at the ancient Rameshwaram Shiva Temple and Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s Temple.


Rameshwaram_Cover_ShotPowerful karma busting bath at Sea of Rameshwaram + 22 Wells of Rameswaram

Tripura Foundation


What is the Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to India all about?

Ambassadors of HOPE Trip 2014As an Ambassador of HoPE, you will have a wonderful opportunity to learn and see for yourself how Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers are changing the lives of thousands of children and elderly on a day by day basis.

We will take you to visit both just-starting-out and current HoPE Centers and you will be able to see for yourself how in just a short time, Babaji’s intelligence enhancing techniques are changing their lives.


As an Ambassador of HoPE, You Will:

(i) VISIT several HoPE Centers to see for yourself how the destinies of poor children are being dramatically changed. Thanks to Babaji’s simple but powerful Phonemic Intelligence techniques, such children no longer have to embrace their destinies as road sweepers, cooks, cleaners and attendants. Instead, HoPE Center children have now the courage and confidence to aspire to be doctors, engineers and beneficial members of society

(ii) SERVE as an inspiration and beacon of hope to the HoPE Center children you will be meeting.  We are inviting you to introduce these children to new cultures and to the world beyond their rural village by sharing with them about your home country and what you do there.

(iii) HELP in the distribution of meals to the HoPE Center children. You will also be distributing HoPE Gift Packs generously sponsored by Tripura Foundation’s worldwide donors.


Distributing HoPE Gift PacksDistributing HoPE Gift Packs to HoPE Center children


One of the Highest Forms of Grace - Serving A Hot Meal -Babaji teaches that one of the Fastest Way

To Receive God’s Grace is to Feed a Hungry Soul


An Introduction to the island of RAMESHWARAM

Rameshwaram is a fishing community and many of the men population have been killed by neighbouring countries while these men are out fishing in international waters.

As a result, many of the women on Rameshwaram are widows and the children there orphans. Many of the children are also educationally backward and nutritionally starving.

To help the people of Rameshwaram, Tripura Foundation is working hard to open many HoPE Centers on Rameshwaram ,

Tripura Foundation's Ambassadors of HoPE (14)We will be journeying to Rameshwaram to:

(1) spread more love and compassion to the children of the HoPE Centers.

(2) share with them about our home countries

(3) teach the Rameshwaram HoPE Center children simple things such as proper hygiene habits

Our Ambassadors of HoPE will also distribute HoPE Center gift packs.




The Greatest Powerspot To Get Rid of Your Worst Sins

Rameshwaram is also one of the most powerful spots on earth to remove your most stubborn karmic sins.

During Babaji’s Millionaire Yoga retreat in January 2014, Babaji spoke about the power of Rameshwaram and said that even if someone had committed the ultimate sin of killing, he/she could attain absolution at Rameshwaram by bathing in the Rameshwaram sea + 22 wells of Rameshwaram .

(To learn more about the power of Rameshwaram, you can watch the video we prepared last year when we took people to Rameshwaram for an ultimate karma busting powerspot trip)




As a gift for all Ambassadors who undertake the commitment to help Rameshwaram’s HoPE Center children, with Babaji’s grace, Tripura Foundation will give you the ultimate karma busting blessing by sponsoring your Rameshwaram sea bath + bath at the 22 sacred sin dissolving wells.

Besides your ultimate karma busting purification, we will take you to visit the samadhi shrine of Father of Yoga Patanjali where you can meditate in His divine presence and transcend to deeper levels of consciousness.

We will also take you to see Goddess Rakashi Amman, who is the Goddess for Manifesting and Goddess Nambu Nayaki, the Goddess of Healing.


Learn All About Our Visit to GODDESS NAMBU NAYAKI,

the Goddess of Miraculous Healing


Goddess Nambu Nayaki (Rameshwaram)


I would like to share with you about Goddess Nambu Nayaki, the Healing Goddess, whose powerspot is on Rameshwaram.

Babaji introduced us to Goddess Nambu two years ago, and since then we have had the privilege to visit this beautiful Goddess on three of our previous Ambassador of HoPE Trips to Rameshwaram.

Goddess Nambu ShreemArakara
Who is Goddess Nambu & What Can She Do For You?
In their respective videos below, Babaji and Beth Des Marais (Babaji’s long time student who has been blessed by Babaji to channel Goddess Nambu) explains what Goddess Nambu can give to you:
  • She is the goddess that can give you a miracle healing
  • anyone who goes to Goddess Nambu’s temple can be healed of any physical / emotional or karmic ailment or suffering they are currently experiencing. Goddess Nambu will enter your body, mind and karmic body to heal you of the ailment you are suffering from


Dr Pillai (Babaji) Reveals:  “Why I Would Not Be Around If Not


Goddess Nambu came down to the earth plane thousands of years ago but knowledge of Her power has been kept hidden away from the world at large.

Watch Babaji below explain how Goddess Nambu has been inextricably connected with Babaji through His mother who would have died as a baby if not for Goddess Nambu.


Dr Pillai Nambu Nayaki ShreemArakara


After watching Babaji share His childhood memories of visiting Goddess Nambu, one thing struck me.

Babaji was born in 1949 and when He visited Goddess Nambu as a boy in the early 1950s, Babaji had to walk a long long way to Her temple to visit Goddess Nambu.

Also, at the time (the 1950s), much of Rameshwaram was still a jungle and Babaji had to cross a lake where the water level would sometimes be up to His chest and sometimes even up to His neck!

Today, things are very very different for us when we visit Goddess Nambu at Rameshwaram.

Our visit to Goddess Nambu is a comfortable 20 minute drive by car from our hotel.

Goddess Nambu’s temple is clean and peaceful and there is a nicely laid out pathway for us to reach Her temple.


Dr Pillai Nambu Nayaki's TempleGoddess Nambu Nayaki’s Temple at Rameshwaram


I was reminded how so blessed we are these days to be able to visit Goddess Nambu in comfort instead of having to endure the hardship that Babaji endured i.e having to walk through jungles and cross bodies of water with water levels sometimes up to the neck just to visit Goddess Nambu!

Watch Beth Teach You How To Connect With Goddess Nambu
Nambu Hangout
Watch Beth teach you how to connect with Goddess Nambu in her hangout with Mohini above
How Can I Connect With Goddess Nambu?
  • join us on our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram. We will be visiting Goddess Nambu at Her powerspot at Rameshwaram.
  • Chant Goddess Nambu’s mantra which Babaji gives in His video above to call upon Her. The mantra is NARBHAVEE NAMBUNAYAKI NAMAHA
  • learn the meditation from Beth (above) to connect with Goddess Nambu.
  • you can also sign up for a Goddess Nambu healing with Beth. For more information, please see HERE
At Patanjali's Samadhi Shrine

Siddha Patanjali’s Samadhi Shrine at Rameshwaram

Who is Patanjali, Father of Yoga & Master of Siddhi (Supernormal) Powers?
Siddha Patanjali

Siddha Patanjali

Siddha  Patanjali was an enlightened Siddha master who lived several thousands of years ago and is regarded as the founder of yoga.

Siddha  Patanjali was also one of the greatest spiritual scientists, who through his inner journeys & meditations, unlocked the link between mind & matter, giving him mastery over siddhi (supernormal) powers such instantaneous thought manifestation, being able to appear in several places at once, being able to understand all languages and knowing the innermost thoughts of others.
The Power of Meditating at Siddha Patanjali’s Samadhi Shrine
Statue of Siddha Patanjali

Statue of Siddha Patanjali


Siddha  Patanjali’s  samadhi shrine is located in the ancient Rameshwaram temple.

A Siddha samadhi shrine is a powerspot where the Siddha master decided (many hundreds or thousands of years ago) to establish himself permanently in his light form there in an act of compassion to make himself available to seekers who seek his help.

Siddha  Patanjali can give you the key to unlock your own siddhi and manifestation abilities.

When you visit a powerful Siddha’s samadhi shrine, you immediately connect with the Siddha there at a soul level, and with grace, are blessed with the boons you seek from him (including siddhi powers).

During our Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram, we will be spending time to meditate at Siddha  Patanjali’s  samadhi shrine.



Your donation to Tripura Foundation

HoPE Gift PacksTo be a part of the trip, each Ambassador is asked to make a minimum sponsorship of US$600 towards Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Gift Packs i.e. your donation of US$600 will bless 60 HoPE Center children each with a HoPE Center Gift pack.

Each HoPE Gift Pack costs US$10 each.

To learn more about the HoPE Gift packs and see how your US$10 donation can change a HoPE center child’s life, click on the picture below:


HoPE Gift PacksClick on the picture about to learn more about the items in each HoPE Gift Pack


HoPE Center Children Nov 2014 HoPE Center Children Posing Proudly with their HoPE Gift Packs

.You can regard your donation as your energy exchange for Tripura Foundation sponsoring your destiny changing blessings of Rameshwaram (the most powerful place on earth for karma busting) and bringing you to the Siddhas at their great powerspots to get their blessings.


How Can I Join The Ambassadors of HoPE Trip?

Mohini Tripura Foundation Ambassadors of HoPE(1) let me know you want to be a part of the Ambassadors of HoPE Trip to Rameshwaram and the date you wish to register yourself for. Once we have ten (10) people for that trip date, I will give the trip a GO.

(2) once you are confirmed for a trip, you can make your US$600 donation directly to Tripura Foundation (and not to me). You can make a number of donations but they should add up to a minimum of US$600 (per person). (All donations should be completed before the trip.)

To donate, click here:

(3) once you have completed your donation, let me know

(4) you can book your airline ticket once I confirm your attendance on the trip.

(terms and conditions apply)


Your other own costs

Ambassadors Chilling Out(i) your return flight to India
If are coming from outside India, you can book your flight once I confirm your space on the trip.
(ii) your accommodations
Babaji’s India ashram has worked out a favourable rate for our group and has already reserved a limited number of rooms for the trip.
Each room is based on double occupancy and cost 6800 Indian rupees (S$140 / US$110) per room. That means that if you are sharing the room with someone, each person’s cost is half at about S$70/US$55 per night per room.)

*(terms and conditions apply)

(iii) your lunch and dinners for the 2 day trip. Meals on an average cost US$7-10 per person per meal.

Breakfast is included in your hotel room costs


Ambassador of HoPE David HalleyAmbassador of HoPE DAVID HALLEY having fun with the HoPE Center children



Do drop me a note at


With love


Ambassadors of HoPE Nov 2014Come Join Our Next Ambassadors of HoPE Trip!

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