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[Dr Pillai Comics]: Secrets of Mantras Revealed (Part 4 of 4)

June 12, 2015

Dr Pillai Teaching How to Manifest

Namaste everyone, 

Our series in “Dr Pillai’s Secrets of Mantras Revealed” comics concludes with the final key to understanding how Siddha mantra technology works.

As Dr PillDr Pillaiai (Babaji) has often said, just as the potential of an acorn tree lies dormant within the tiny acorn seed, waiting to emerge and grow into an acorn tree, whatever we want to manifest (be it a relationship, enlightenment, perfect health, money, abundance, joy or the Light Body) is already there in its potential form within the simple bija (seed) mantra, just lying in wait for us.

All we have to do is to keep chanting the bija (seed) mantra over and over again until we totally vibrate with the particular mantra and unleash its true power.


Japa Mala

The practice of japa mala recitation which helps the mind focus on the mantra


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 Dr Pillai's Secret of Mantras (4)



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The purpose of these comics is to present Babaji’s teachings in a simple and easy-to-follow form for everyone.

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Babaji AOH Nov 2014

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