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Join Dr Pillai’s “Live” Hangout on Jesus’ True Teachings (including on the Light Body) (4th July 2015, Timings below)

July 4, 2015

Dr Pillai on the True Teachings of Jesus.

Namaste everyone,

Light BodyDr Pillai (Babaji) was recently inspired to reflect on the true inner teachings of Jesus and of how it relates to the Light Body, Babaji’s (and the Siddhas’) ultimate teachings.

If you missed Babaji’s personal message which He spontaneously recorded in the early hours of the morning @ 3:30 am, you can watch the video here.

Join Babaji today for a special 4th of July “Live” Hangout as He reflects on Jesus’ innermost teachings (including how it relates to the Light Body).


How to Join Babaji’s “Live” Hangout

Date: 4th July 2015

Time: 9 am US PDT / 12 pm EDT / 9:30 pm IST / 12 am (5 July 2015) Singapore time


I will also post the recording of Babaji’s hangout afterwards


For The First Time Also…

TwitterI am going to experiment “Live” tweeting highlights from Babaji’s “True Teachings of Jesus” Hangout.

If you have not done so, follow us on Twitter by clicking on the “Follow” button on the right of this post or simply click here.


Catch you tonight at Babaji’s “Live” Hangout & on Twitter!


with love,


Dr Pillai 3 Weeks in 3 Days

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