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Come join in our 1st “Live” Twitter Q&A on Dr Pillai’s Teachings (25 July 2015, Timings Below)

July 24, 2015


Namaste everyone,

Please join us for our first “Live” Twitter Q&A session on 25 July 2015 (Saturday) during which I’ll be happy to answer questions and queries regarding Dr Pillai’s teachings on karma, karma busting & how to manifest (within the confines of a 140-character Tweet!)

During our Tweet chat, we will be using the hashtags #AskShreemarakara and #DrPillaiTeachings.


Here are the timings for our “Live” Twitter chat:

Date: 25 July 2015 (Sat)

Timings: 6–9 am (US PDT)/9 am-12 pm (US EST)/ London: 2-5 pm BST/ India: 6:30-9:30pm IST / Singapore: 9 pm-12 am


Dr Pillai (Babaji) ShreemArakara

Dr Pillai is Coming to Singapore!

Dr Pillai InitiationDon’t miss Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s “3 Weeks In 3 Days” Exclusive Initiation Retreat (21-23 August 2015) where Dr Pillai (Babaji) will TEACH INITIATE you into Siddha secrets to:

UNLOCK the 36 Steps to Enlightenment

ATTAIN siddhi (supernormal) powers

ACTIVATE your kundalini shakti (sacred goddess energy) for manifesting and spiritual ascension


To learn more, please visit


With love,



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