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Step into the 9 Vortexes for Wealth

August 14, 2015

Ambassador of HoPE Trip to Navatirupati 99 Vishnu Temples of Wealth)


Namaste everyone,

We are delighted to offer a new Ambassadors of HoPE powerspots trip to Navatirupati (The 9 Vishnu Temples for Wealth) (6-8 September 2015, India) so that you can fully immerse and empower yourself with the abundant energies of wealth, money and all forms of material blessings.


Dr Pillai at Navatirupati


The Power of NAVATIRUPATI (9 Vishnu Temples of Wealth)

To Give Unlimited Wealth & Material Prosperity

Glorious VishnuVISHNU is the divine archetype who gives material and money blessings.

VISHNU is the masculine form of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

The colour associated with Vishnu is GREEN, which is also by no coincidence, the colour in the West associated with money.

NAVATIRUPATI  refers to the 9 temples of Vishnu that gives infinite forms of money, wealth and material blessings.

Stepping into these ancient powerful wealth vortexes will infuse your very body, mind and soul with wealth and prosperity consciousness in ways you cannot imagine.

Over an intense period of two days (6-8 September 2015), we will visit all 9 Vishnu Temples for unlimited wealth and abundance so that you can to fully soak yourself in the financial, material and prosperity energies of these supreme wealth vortexes.

Each of the 9 Vishnu wealth vortexes will empower you with different debt clearing, wealth returning and/or financial material blessings.


Vishnu Symbol at Navatirupati (


Dr Pillai Explains The Significance & Power of Navatirupati

(9 Temples of Wealth) (Part I)



Dr Pillai Explains The Significance & Power of Navatirupati

(9 Temples of Wealth) (Part II)




To learn how you can join us on this amazing adventure to Navatirupati (9 Vishnu Temples of Wealth), download the trip e-brochure HERE


Tripura Foundation

To learn more about our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE powerspot trips in September 2015, click on the links below to download the trip e-brochures:

(1) LightBody Ascension Powerspot Trip (4-6 Sep 2015)

(2) 9 Temples of Wealth Powerspot Trip (6-8 Sep 2015)


Please get in touch with me at if you have any further queries about either of the trips.


With love,


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