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“I Saw Swami Ramalinga Come Out & Initiate Each One of Us”: Henky’s LightBody Miracle Testimonial

February 6, 2016



Namaste everyone,

Our first Light Body Ascension Powerspots Trip to India in September 2015 was a miracle-filled adventure.

A number of our trip attendees experienced in-person blessings from Swami Ramalinga himself in His Light form. Swami Ramalinga is one of the greatest Siddhas who ascended into Light in 1874.

In the video above, watch HENKY describe his vision how Swami Ramalinga gave everyone a Light Body initiation when we meditated at Swami Ramalinga’s LightBody powerspot.

Amazingly, the Light Body miracles did not just extend to those on the Light Body trip. In  my next two posts, I will share with you testimonials from two people who were not on our trip but experienced a divine Light Body miracle as a result.

To learn more about Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) teachings on the Light Body and all about our Light Body Trip, download the trip’s free e-brochure HERE which will give you full details of the Light Body Trip including the trip itinerary, trip costs and trip logistics.


Light Body Trip 2016




The key focus of our Light Body Ascension Powerspots Trip is to visit and spend extended periods in meditation (over both trip days) at the vortex where Swami Ramalinga, one of the greatest Siddhas in the Siddha tradition, ascended into LIGHT in 1874 at Vadalur, South India. This is so you can thoroughly infuse yourself with the energies and vibrations of the LIGHT BODY.


Trip Highlights:

Swami Ramalinga(1) VISIT & EXTENDED MEDITATION at Swami Ramalinga’s ascension vortex on both trip days.

(2) VISIT & MEDITATION to Siddha Jnanasambadar ascension vortex where He ascended into Light. Siddha Jnanasambadar gave us the practice of chanting the karma busting mantra, THIRUNEELA KANTAM

(3) VISIT TO DEBT CLEARING temple at Runavimochana at Thirucherai. For many of us, our souls long for evolution and ascension but practically speaking, we have earthly responsibilities to deal with, including debt. Through Divine Grace, this powerful temple can help us alleviate our debt.

(4) VISIT TO WEALTH VORTEX at Sri Rangam Temple, the first of the 108 abodes for VISHNU in South India. Vishnu is the archetype who brings material and financial comfort. While you work on your own evolution and Light Body practices, you still need the blessing of the Divine to take care of your earthly duties e.g paying of bills.

(5) SERVE AS AN AMBASSADOR OF HOPE for Dr Pillai’s US-based charity, Tripura Foundation. Bring your love and goodwill to the poor children of India.


Ambassadors of HoPE Distributing Meals Banner


To learn more about our Light Body Trip, download the trip’s free e-brochure HERE. Please get in touch with me at if you have any queries about the Light Body Trip.


With love,






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