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Don’t Miss Dr Pillai “Live” in Singapore (2 April 2016, 2-6 pm, RELC Hotel, SG)

March 1, 2016

Dr Pillai (Postercard)(V5)(H)(II)


Namaste everyone,

Dr Pillai (Babaji) will be in Singapore to teach a seminar titled “Sounds For Money, Success, Intelligence, Relationships & Enlightenment” on 2 April 2016 (2-6 pm at the RELC Hotel Auditorium). 

The first (and most attractive) round of early bird discounts have already started and the link is


ShreemarakaraEarly Bird Discount Promotions

Early Bird Discount Promotion #1: S$180 (From 9 Feb to 14 March 2016)

Early Bird Discount Promotion #2: S$240 (From 15  to 29 March 2016)


Wayne Dyer Photo Testimonial


What Will Dr Pillai Be Teaching?
Dr Pillai TeachingDr Pillai will empower you with His latest core teachings for 2016 including

(i) Money: Dr Pillai will give all attendees initiation in SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate sacred sounds for ultimate wealth, joy and abundance.

(ii) Relationships: No man is an island. Everyone needs relationships in life, whether it is a personal relationship with your spouse, your circle of friends or your professional relationships with your colleagues and superiors at work so that you can succeed at your job. Dr Pillai will teach the technique (along with the power sound) to attract such relationships into your life.

(iii) Brain Intelligence: Dr Pillai will teach you a technique from His Phonemic Intelligence Program designed to enhance your brain intelligence. Dr Pillai’s intelligence-enhancing technique is not limited to students to get higher grades and perform better at school and university. Dr Pillai’s intelligence-enhancing technique can also be practiced by working professionals to give them that added boost and competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive workplace. You can learn more about Dr Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence Program at HERE  

(iv) Enlightenment/Evolution: Enlightenment is not an end goal but an ongoing journey. Dr Pillai will teach and initiate you into the sacred sound for enlightenment and the Light Body.


Seminar Details
Date: 2 April 2016, 2-6 pm
Venue: RELC Hotel Auditorium (30 Orange Grove Road, Singapore)
Seminar Fee: S$280

To sign up,  visit


If you have any queries, drop me a line at


with love,

VijayDr Pillai ShreemArakara

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  1. ASHA SOBHRAJ permalink
    March 1, 2016 4:50 pm

    On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 7:06 AM, Dr Pillai (Babajis) Asia Community Blog wrote:

    > Dr Pillai (Babaji (Asia) Community posted: ” . Namaste everyone, Dr Pillai > (Babaji) will be in Singapore to teach a seminar titled “Sounds For Money, > Success, Intelligence, Relationships & Enlightenment” on 2 April 2016 (2-6 > pm at the RELC Hotel Auditorium). The first (and most attractive)” >

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