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Grab These 5 Early Bird Bonuses for Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s Mystery School Teachings 2016

September 3, 2016

Dr Pillai Mystery School Meditation 2


Namaste everyone,

Dr Pillai TeachingRecently, on a private call with His Ultimate Teaching students, Dr. Pillai (Babaji) gave more information about His upcoming Mystery School teachings which I would like to share with you.


Here is Babaji speaking in His own words:

What you are going to get is my own evolution. I will pass this on to you.

The teaching and assistance has to come from a direct contact, and communication with the angels, and that’s going to be the majority part of the teachings. And I have an obligation to change my own DNA which has been damaged by the current rationality, and I’ll do that for you also.

Everything is changing…

I don’t want to teach a frozen reality; I want to give you live knowledge because the absolute reality is ironical – everything is changing and you have to be in communication with that change. And that is the motivation for you to be on this program, and only with this intention that I told my staff to reduce the price so that I can get more people in.

Compared to what I’ve previously done…

Just because I reduced the price, it doesn’t mean that the quality is going to suffer. The quality is going to be much higher compared to what I’ve previously done.


Pillaicenter has a number of attractive early bird bonuses for those of you who register for Babaji’s Mystery School by 3 September 2016 (US midnight PDT):


  • Ganesha-TeachingsFree access to Babaji’s Ganesha Birthday Initiation Webcast (airing on 4 Sept 2016): Learn how to talk to gods and angels
  • Free access to a very special recording of a Goddess initiation from Babaji for His Mystery School
  • Receive one month of destiny changing powerspot rituals: Approximately 175 remedies will be performed on your behalf in India for the month of September 2016
  • Individual Fire Lab Performed Just for You: Receive an individual Fire Lab of your choice to jump-start your life
  • Nadi ReadingReceive a sacred Palm Leaf (Nadi) Reading: A Nadi reading will be performed for you from one of Dr. Pillai’s prestigious Nadi leaf bundles 


To learn more, you can click here: Pillaicenter’s Mystery School Early Bird Bonuses.


With love,


Dr Pillai ShreemArakara

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