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[Last Call] Don’t Miss Our Final Free Seminar – “An Experiential Introduction to the Siddhas & Their Teachings For Your 200% Life” (27 November 2016)(Details Below)

November 20, 2016


Namaste everyone,

Here is a final call for our in-person “Experiential Introduction to the Siddhas & Their Teachings” Free Seminar on 27 November 2016 (Sunday) at the RELC Hotel, 2-6 pm, Singapore.

The link to sign up for our Free Siddha seminar is:


Shreemarakara The Siddhas



Dr Pillai ( purpose of this seminar is to introduce you to the mystical world of Siddhas as revealed by Dr Pillai (Babaji) and how you can benefit materially and spiritually from sacred Siddha teachings.

Our last two Siddha seminars in Sep & Oct 2016 were most blessed events.

At the first Siddha seminar in September 2016, a number of attendees shared with everyone present how they could tangibly feel the divine presence of the Siddhas in the room with all of us:

  • Siddha Agastya Shreemarakaraone attendee shared how she could see Siddha Agastya (Father of the Siddhas) giving blessings to everyone present when we were meditating on Siddha Agastya
  • another attendee shared how he could see a number of Siddhas in their light form at the front of the seminar room
  • most amazingly of all, many attendees (including myself) experienced a sweet-smelling fragrance (like incense) wafting through the seminar room as the Siddha seminar went on. After the seminar, a number of attendees asked me if I had been burning incense during the seminar because of what they could smell and I told them that I hadn’t! All of us came to the realisation that the Siddhas wanted us to know that they were very much present in a very tangible way during the Siddha seminar to guide and watch over us.



Shreemarakara Siddha Thirumoolar The Siddhas are mystical masters who through their intense spiritual practices over lifetimes have attained mastery over their physical and spiritual environment.

The Siddhas have at their disposal siddhi (supernormal) abilities such that nothing is impossible for them. 

Out of sheer compassion for humanity, the Siddhas watch over us and make themselves available to those who seek their blessings and help.



Siddha Patanjali(1) learn how to connect with the Siddhas on a daily basis,
(2) learn and experience Siddha teachings and techniques to:

  • attract wealth & money including the ultimate mantra to attract money and abundance, SHREEM BRZEE as revealed by Dr Pillai (Babaji)
  • enlightenment, higher intelligence and evolution.

(3) learn Siddha Patanjali (Father of Yoga)’s 4-stage technique to manifest AND
(3) spend time in deep meditation so that you can practice these Siddha techniques for yourself


Date & Venue Details

Date: 27 November 2016

Time: 2-6 pm (Sunday)

Venue: RELC Hotel, 30 Orange Grove Road, Singapore


Seats are limited. To register your seat, click below: 






(1) This is an in-person seminar and will be facilitated by Vijay, one of Dr Pillai’s students. Dr Pillai is not be teaching this event.
(2) Due to the level of material that will be taught, this free seminar is only open to those 18 years and above.


With love

Shreemarakara The Siddhas Masters of Siddhi Powers


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