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You Are Invited To Our Final Siddhi (Supernormal Powers) Powerspots Trip to India (Dec 2016)

November 30, 2016

Shreemarakara Siddhi Trip to India 2016

2 Trip Dates Still Available!

Trip Option #1: 16-21 December 2016

Trip Option #2: 23-28 December 2016


Namaste everyone,

I would like to invite you to our Siddhi (Supernormal Powers) Powerspots Trip to India in December 2016 for those of you who wish to develop and nurture your own latent siddhi (supernormal) abilities.

Since 2012, our Siddhi Trips have been one of our most spiritually significant powerpot trips.

During our Siddhi Trips, our attendees have been blessed with direct contact with the Siddhas (perfected masters of Light) to manifest their desires (be it, for material wealth, health, relationships, and for spiritual evolution) and to develop their siddhis (supernormal abilities).

To learn more about our upcoming December 2016 Siddhi (Supernormal Powers) Powerspots Trip, click here to download our Siddhi Trip Free e-brochure,


Shreemarakara The Siddhas Masters of Siddhi Powers


What is the Siddhi Trip All About?

Shreemarakara Siddha AgastyaDuring the Siddhi Trip, you will spend extended periods of time in meditation at sacred powerspots (often secret and inaccessible to the masses) and directly commune with such Siddha masters who are ever so waiting to bless you with divine gifts and supernormal abilities in order to help you in your personal spiritual and material evolution.

You will journey into the mystical realms of India where you will have direct encounters with Siddha masters who live among us in their Light Body form.


Shreemarakara Dr Pillai Coutralam

Click on Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s picture to watch Babaji talk about COUTRALAM, home to the Siddhas. In this video, Babaji explains about how powerful Siddhas are and why even the gods and goddesses dare not displease the Siddhas.



Shremarakara Siddhi Trip 2016


Siddhi Powers Trip Highlights

  • Shreemarakara Siddhi Trip5-day meditation intensive across South India featuring extended meditation and communion sessions at each samadhi shrine in order for you to get the blessings you seek, i.e.: (1) Blessings to attain siddhi (supernormal) powers; and/or (2) Answers to your personal request by these powerful Siddhas (for example, for a health, relationship, financial, spiritual miracle/boon)
  • Karma-busting at Rameshwaram (Sea of Rama bath + bath at 22 karma busting wells)
  • Healing & purification herbal bath at the sacred Coutralam waterfalls
  • Homas to invoke the blessings of the Siddha masters we will be communing with
  • Serve as an Ambassador of HoPE and bring joy to the children of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers. Where possible, we will visit a HoPE Center a day.


Shreemarakara Rameshwaram Purification Bath

Karma Busting Bath at the Island of Rameshwaram

(Sea of Rameshwaram + Bath at the 22 Rameshwaram Wells)


Shreemarakara Siddhi Trip



What You Will Do On The Siddhi Trip?

Shreemarakara Agastya Siddhi Trip The Siddhi Trips will empower you to transcend the limitations of your five senses and what you think is humanly possible.

You will embark on a journey beyond your limited mind to empower you to live in unity (siddhi) consciousness where all things are possible. You will:

(1) SPEND  extended periods of meditation at powerful Siddha samadhi powerspots;

(2) ATTAIN  blissful communion with the Siddha masters

(3) ACQUIRE siddhi powers and develop your own supernormal abilities through the grace of the Siddhas

(4) SEEK  divine help to solve your problems (health, relationship, money, financial, spiritual)

(5) TAKE an ultimate karma busting purification bath at the Sea of Rama & 22 Sacred Rameshwaram Wells on the island of Rameshwaram, Dr Pillai’s birthplace

(6) PURIFY yourself further with a karma busting pilgrimage around Mount Arunachala (the Mountain of Fire) at Thiruvanamalai. Pilgrims come all around the world to walk around Mount Arunachala in order to burn their negative karma and ego (known as the girivalam). To maximise your time at Thiruvanamalai, we will drive around the full circumference of Mt Arunachala and you will have the opportunity to seek the Divine’s karma busting grace from the comfort of your vehicle.

(7) TAKE a healing and rejuvenating purification bath at the Coutralam waterfalls. The waters of the Coutralam waterfalls run through sacred ayurvedic herbs and siddha medicinal plants before collecting in a shallow pool where we bathe at.

(8) VISIT and MEDITATE at the shrine of a very powerful healing goddess, Goddess Nambu Nayaki who can give you a miracle healing. Go before Goddess Nambu’s temple to experience a healing a physical, emotional or karmic ailment you may be suffering or experiencing.


Shreemarakara Coutralam


Shreemarakara Ambassador of HoPE



Shreemarakara Siddhi Trip

Dr PIllai Tripura Foundation

Do Good as An Ambassador of HoPE
.As our Siddhi Trips are organised in part under the auspices of Tripura Foundation, Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) charity foundation, the Siddhi Powers Trip will also be in part an Ambassadors of HoPE trip.

For those of you who may not be aware, as a Tripura Foundation Ambassador of HoPE, you will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to the HoPE Center children you will be visiting.

We are inviting you to introduce the HoPE center children to new cultures and to the world beyond their rural village by sharing with them about your home country and what you do there.

You will have the opportunity to learn and see for yourself how Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers and their other initiatives such as the HoPE for the Elderly programs are changing the lives of thousands of children and elderly on a day by day basis.


Shreemarakara Ambassadors of HoPE Distributing Meals Banner.


Why Our Dec 2016 Siddhi Trips May Be Our Last..

Due to a number of reasons now,  I am only able to organise our powerspot trips to India on a very limited basis, and therefore after December 2016, I may not be able to organise any more Siddhi Powerspots Trips in 2017 and 2018.  

So, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to connect with the mystical Siddhas, you have an option of two  Siddhi Trip dates in December 2016 to choose from.

To learn more about our December 2016 Siddhi and the two  remaining trip dates, download the December 2016 Siddhi Trip e-brochure.

If you have questions about the trip, you can drop me an email at


Shreemarakara Goddess Nambu



For those of you who have decided that you would like to join our December 2016 Siddhi Trip, please send me an email to confirm your preferred Dec 2016 trip date option i.e. Option Date #1 or #2.

We need a minimum of 8 people per trip in order to give that trip date the go-ahead and so that everyone can book their air tickets early.

Each trip requires a minimum number of people to get the go-ahead because Babaji’s Tripura Foundation is sponsoring a significant portion of the logistics costs for each Siddhi Trip (on behalf of trip attendees).


with love,

Dr Pillai Purple


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