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[Dr Pillai’s Free 2017 New Year Webcast] How To Improve Your Finances, Health & Relationships

January 2, 2017


Happy Holidays everyone!

Dr Pillai 2016In this special holiday webcast, Dr Pillai gives you three techniques to create miracles in three specific areas in your life for 2017: finances, health and relationships.



Dr. Pillai encourages everyone to use SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate sound for money, wealth and abundance.

You can download an audio recording of Babaji chanting SHREEM BRZEE for free at: 



Babaji speaks about and gives a very quick technique for getting out of the mind, getting into the moment. This technique will also help deal with sickness, aging, financial problems, and loneliness..



Babaji explains the two states of being: aloneness and loneliness.

Aloneness can be very beautiful and not lonely. One can enhance that experience of the relationship with the God by chanting OM 

To attract relationships in your life, Dr. Pillai gives new revelations with the sound KLEEM  

Babaji also recommends you keep staring at the sacred “Valentine Heart” symbol (which Babaji shows in his video) while you are chanting KLEEM .

This advance technique will attract relationship into your life.


With love,

Shreemarakara Lotus

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