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[Register Now]: Free Seminar on Dr Pillai’s SHREEM BRZEE Teachings To Manifest Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance (10 Sep 2017, 2-6 pm, Singapore)

August 31, 2017


Namaste everyone,

You are invited to a FREE introductory in-person seminar that will introduce you to enlightened master Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s teachings on SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate powersound to attract wealth, prosperity & abundance into your life


How Do I Register?

Free registration by clicking on the Eventbrite link at:







What You Will Learn At This Seminar

(1) Learn how to harness the power of SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate wealth sound to attract wealth and abundance in your life.

(2) Learn the technique to harness your own laser-focus to energise and accelerate your practice of SHREEM BRZEE in your own life (See below for more information)

(3) Learn how to access Kubera’s (Banker of Heaven) Wealth Accumulation Energies

(4) Experience of power of chanting SHREEM BRZEE in a group. We will have a 1-hour Mini SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Session during this introductory seminar.


To learn more about our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Sessions in Singapore, CLICK HERE


Money Tree Shreemarakara

Shreemarakara ShreemBrzee Chanting in Singapore



 Dr Pillai (Babaji) teaches that SHREEM BRZEE is the ultimate and most powerful quantum sound to attract money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, joy and material happiness to you.

Just like how an oak seed has the potential to grow into a large oak tree, and thereafter multiply into a forest of oak trees, the sound SHREEM BRZEE once implanted into your consciousness and your very soul, will turn you into a pure money magnet that attracts wealth and prosperity to yourself.

SHREEM is the seed sound for Lakshmi, the archetype who gives money and prosperity.

BRZEE is a sound that was revealed to Dr Pillai by an ascended master known as Visvamitra who meditated onthis sound on a different plane for 1500 years.

BRZEE is an ultimate sound which can attract untold wealth and riches to you.

Goddess Lakshmi is the aspect of the Divine that gives you money blessings and material miracles.


Dr Pillai Explains the Power & Significance of SHREEM BRZEE, the Ultimate Sound for Wealth & Abundance

.Dr Pillai on Shreem Brzee Shreemarakara


Learn How to Further Attract Wealth & Abundance With KUBERA, The Banker of Heaven

Shreemarakara Kubera Yantra


Kubera is the archetype known as the Banker of Heaven. His wealth energies will energise you to be able to attract and build wealth. 

During this introductory seminar, we will learn how to work with Kubera’s prosperity numbers to empower your consciousness with wealth attracting energies.




Learn The Technique to Harness Your Own Laser-Like Focus To 

Further Energise & Accelerate Your Practice of SHREEM BRZEE

As Dr Pillai teaches, the key to manifestation is to be able to focus your thought-energy on your manifestation with laser-like focus in order for it to manifest in 3-dimensional reality.

Most of us do not manifest because our wandering monkey mind cannot focus on one thought i.e. our personal manifestation, with a sustained and powerful intensity in order for our thoughts to manifest into 3-dimensional reality. 

During this introductory seminar, you will learn the potent technique from Siddha Patanjali, Father of Yoga and author of the ancient sacred text, The Yoga Sutras, to still your monkey-mind in order to ENHANCE your practice of SHREEM BRZEE.




How To Take Your Practice of SHREEM BRZEE To The Next Level

(1) Watch our community members describe the financial and money miracles they experienced with the power of SHREEM BRZEE

(2) Learn about our one-of-a-kind SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Sessions in Singapore by CLICKING HERE.

(3) Totally transform your financial and material destiny for 2017 when you join our SHREEM BRZEE Abundance Chanting Powerspots Trip To India (Nov & Dec 2017). Download the free e-brochure (from our June 2017 Trips) to learn more by clicking HERE

(5) If you would like to join our upcoming FREE online SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Events, you can drop me an email at 


Venue & Seminar Details

Date: 10 September 2017 (Sunday), 2-6 pm

Venue: RELC Hotel, 30 Orange Grove Road. Singapore



(1) Dr Pillai will not be teaching this seminar. This seminar will be facilitated by Vijay, one of the volunteers for Dr Pillai’s Asia Community in Singapore. 

(2) Due to the advanced nature of the teachings presented, this seminar is only open to those 18 years of age and above. Terms and conditions apply. Right of admission reserved. 


How Do I Register?

Free registration by clicking on the Eventbrite link at:







You can contact me, Vijay, if you have any questions.



With love,



Shreemarakara Lotus

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