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$10,000 Donation in 1 Hour & Other SHREEM BRZEE Miracle Stories “Live” Webcast Today + A Special Message From Dr Pillai

September 24, 2017


Namaste everyone,

Join Mohini today as she hosts a “LIVE” SHREEM BRZEE webcast during which a number of Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s students will share their SHREEM BRZEE miracle stories.

Among others, these students will share:

  • What did they do?
  • How long did it take?
  • What happened?

One such student will share how she manifested a $10,000 donation for her favourite charity in just 1 hour by chanting SHREEM BRZEE during a specific Goddess Lakshmi power-hour!


Mohini’s “LIVE” SHREEM BRZEE webcast is FREE and you can watch it at:


Here are the timings for Mohini’s SHREEM BRZEE webcast:

Date: 24 September 2017 (Sunday)

Times: 8 am US PT / 11 am ET / 3 pm UT / 8:30 pm India time / 11 pm Singapore time





Dr Pillai has pre-recorded a message for all of us which will be played during today’s webcast.



Watch Mohini’s “LIVE” webcast at:


Other SHREEM BRZEE Updates:


Click HERE to learn more about our upcoming SHREEM BRZEE Wealth & Abundance Powerspots Trip to India in November & December 2017 or HERE



Please drop me an email if you have any questions.


With love,




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