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Join Our Double Shreem Brzee Group Wealth & Abundance Chanting Events for 2018 (3 & 31 March 2018)

February 19, 2018


Namaste everyone,

Our last SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth & Abundance Chanting event was in September 2017.

After a 6-month break, I am delighted to announce our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth & Abundance Chanting event is returning in March 2018 for TWO dates, 3 March 2018 and 31 March 2018!


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The Special Significance of March 2018

Full Moon days are one of the best times to chant SHREEM BRZEE as the energies of wealth, abundance and prosperity will be fully accessible to all of us to take maximum advantage of.

Both the 3 & 31 March 2018SHREEM BRZEE dates have been specially selected to take advantage of two Full Moon dates occurring on 3 and 31 March 2018!

During the Full Moon, energies of wealth and abundance showering the earth plane is at its peak and chanting SHREEM BRZEE during Full Moon days is extremely powerful and effective for you to manifest your goals and enhance your money and wealth karma. 

Join us for our first SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth & Abundance Chanting Event for 2018 on 3 & 31 March2018 (9 am to 6 pm) at the RELC Hotel in Singapore.


Goddess Lakshmi Stone Carving


In short, both 3 & 31 March 2018 are great days for attracting wealth, abundance and prosperity! The divine energies of wealth and abundance will be readily available to you on this day. Don’t miss this powerful window of opportunity in order to manifest your material and financial desires.


Shreemarakara ShreemBrzee Chanting in Singapore .


Dr Pillai (Babaji) teaches that SHREEM BRZEE is the ultimate and most powerful quantum sound to attract money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, joy and material happiness to you.

Just like how an oak seed has the potential to grow into a large oak tree, and thereafter multiply into a forest of oak trees, the sound SHREEM BRZEE once implanted into your consciousness and very soul, will turn you into a pure money magnet that attracts wealth and prosperity to yourself.

SHREEM is the seed sound for Lakshmithe archetype who gives money and prosperity.

BRZEE is a sound that was revealed to Dr Pillai by an ascended master known as Visvamitra who meditated on this sound on a different plane for 1500 years.

BRZEE is an ultimate sound which can attract untold wealth and riches to you.

Goddess Lakshmi is the aspect of the Divine that gives you money blessings and material miracles.


To register or learn more, click below:






Dr Pillai Explains the Power & Significance of SHREEM BRZEE,

the Ultimate Sound for Wealth & Abundance


Dr Pillai on Shreem Brzee Shreemarakara


What is the benefit of chanting SHREEM BRZEE in a group?

Chanting SHREEM BRZEE by your self is beneficial.

However, when we get together and chant SHREEM BRZEE as a group, the power of this miraculous sound is magnified and multiplied thousand-times over!

Every one participating in the group chant will get the benefit of the collective group chant. Dr Pillai has taught that if we as a group chant 10,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions and there are 50 of us present, each of us individually will get the blessings of 50 X 10,000 SHREEM BRZEE repetitions i.e. 500,0000  SHREEM BRZEE repetitions!

The more  SHREEM BRZEE repetitions you chant, the deeper you implant SHREEM BRZEE’s money-attracting energies within your own consciousness. This in turn will cause you to resonate more powerfully with wealth consciousness and enable you to attract money and abundance to yourself.

Normally, it would take you several weeks of dedicated SHREEM BRZEE chanting before you reach 500,000 repetitions of SHREEM BRZEE by yourself

However, when all of us get together and chant SHREEM BRZEE as a group, not only do we accomplish a greater number of SHREEM BRZEE repetitions than we would if we were chanting by ourselves, our group chanting magnifies the wealth-attracting energies ofSHREEM BRZEE within each of us!

Our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting sessions are even more powerful because we add into our SHREEM BRZEE chanting, advanced meditation and visualisation techniques taught by Dr Pillai (Babaji) to deepen and intensify everyone’s connection with Goddess Lakshmi and practice of SHREEM BRZEE.


Goddess Lakshmi Shreemarakara


Do we just Chant Chant Chant SHREEM BRZEE for 8 hours?

Happily, No. We do not just chant SHREEM BRZEE on its own for the whole day. Here is what we do different:




(1) Learning How to Energise Our Goals To Manifest What We Want Faster

As part of our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Session, each one will focus on a personal Manifestation they would like to attain in the shortest possible time for example, a better job / a new house / a new car or a loving relationship.

During our SHREEM BRZEE chanting session, you will learn how to combine chanting SHREEM BRZEE with your personal manifestations. In this way, your personal manifestations will be energised with the power of SHREEM BRZEE to manifest in a shorter period of time.


Money Tree Shreemarakara


(2) Learning How to Further Empower Your Personal Manifestations

To further empower SHREEM BRZEE within our consciousness, and to accelerate the manifestations of our personal goals, we will be offering items sacred to Goddess Lakshmi such as flowers and tumeric rice, divine substances which are pleasing to Goddess Lakshmi.

The spiritual teaching behind this practice is that when you offer an item to the Divine that makes Him/Her happy, the Divine blesses you in kind many times over.


Money Tree Shreemarakara


(3) Learning to Harness Your Own Laser-Focus To Further Energise and Accelerate Your Personal Manifestations

The key to manifestation is to be able to focus your thought-energy on your manifestation with laser-like focus in order for it to manifest in 3-dimensional reality.

However, most of us do not manifest because our wandering monkey mind cannot focus on one thought i.e. our personal manifestation, with a sustained and powerful intensity in order for our thoughts to manifest into 3-dimensional reality.

Dr Pillai (Babaji) has blessed us to use an advanced technique known as dharana from Siddha Patanjali (Father of Yoga) to discipline and TIE down our wandering mind to one particular thought (SHREEM BRZEE) & our personal manifestation) with laser-like precision.

During our SHREEM BRZEE chanting session, we will teach you this potent mantra to still the monkey mind so you can use it with SHREEM BRZEE and thereafter, any other mantra you wish to realise!



Shreemarakara Kubera Yantra


(4) Learning How to Further Energise Your Wealth Consciousness with the power of KUBERA, the Banker of Heaven

Kubera is the archetype known as the Banker of Heaven. His wealth energies will energise you to be able to attract and build wealth.

During our SHREEM BRZEE chanting session, we will learn how to work with Kubera’s prosperity numbers to empower your consciousness with wealth attracting energies.


What Do I Need To Bring?

We will provide you with all ritual materials such as the tumeric rice and flower petals for you to make your offering plus paper plates and light refreshments.

If you like, you can bring along your sacred items such as yantrasgold jewellery, and energise them with your SHREEM BRZEE energisation.


Shreemarakara Money Tree

Fees / New Bundled Offer
The regular fee for our SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth & Abundance chanting sessions is S$108.

However, to make it as accessible to as many of you who wish to continue enjoying the miracle and power of chanting SHREEM BRZEE together as a community, we continue to offer an early bird discount of S$80.

(1) SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Event on 3 March 2018: Early Bird Discount ends on 25 February 2018

(2) SHREEM BRZEE Group Wealth Chanting Event on 31 March 2018: Early Bird Discount ends on 25 March 2018 

(3) Additionally, when you take advantage of our EARLY BIRD BUNDLED OFFER and register to attend for bothSHREEM BRZEE events for a further savings i..e you pay a total of S$150 for both EARLY BIRD SHREEM BRZEE dates instead of S$160 (if you had signed up for each SHREEM BRZEE event separately at the EARLY BIRD rates).

(However, note the important Terms and conditions apply including the refund policy for the EARLY BIRD BUNDLED offer)

The EARLY BIRD BUNDLED OFFER ends on 2 March 2018

(B) Pay by credit card: Register via the Eventbrite link at






Eventbrite accepts most major credit cards through the link above OR send me an email and I’ll issue you with Paypal invoice which you can then make payment.



You can contact me, Vijay, if you have any questions.



Shreemarakara Lotus

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