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Register Here For Our Free SHREEM BRZEE 45-Day Global Chanting Challenge! (Details Inside)

July 16, 2018


Namaste everyone,

During Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s SHREEM BRZEE seminar in San Diego in April 2018, Babaji encouraged everyone to commit to a 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge to empower and manifest your goals and bring about a big transformation in your life!

SHREEM BRZEE is the ultimate money mantra to attract wealth, abundance and joy into your lives.

A number of us took up Babaji’s challenge and between May to June 2018, our SHREEM BRZEE Whatsapp Community (comprising of Babaji’s students from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Cambodia) took part in a 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge via Whatsapp.


Our 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge was a great success with participants sharing the miracles they were experiencing even while on the 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge, for example how they were miraculously gifted with money from unexpected sources to meet expenses. Everyone also shared they were feeling never–ending waves of bliss a/nd tremendous feelings of love and joy arising from deep within themselves while chanting SHREEM BRZEE


I would like to invite you to join our FREE 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge which will start on 27 July 2018 Guru Purnima (Full Moon Night of the Guru) 2018.


To join (its FREE!) our 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Challenge, register with your contact details at



An Invitation To You…

According to Babaji, on Guru Purnima (Full Moon Night of the Guru) – one of the most spiritually significant days of 2018 – all Gurus descend on to the earth plane to shower their blessings on spiritual aspirants who long to evolve spiritually and materially.

Babaji teaches that on Guru Purnima night, a special energy comes from the moon which has the power to give you an enlightenment consciousness. The Full Moon is also a time when the energies of abundance and prosperity shower all of us on the earth plane.

We will be chanting SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate money mantra, together as a community for 45 days via WhatsApp. (Limited to the first 256 participants due to Whatsapp chatgroup size restriction).

Come join our FREE 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge which starts on 27 July 2018 Guru Purnima 2018.  

To join (its FREE!) our 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Challenge, register with your contact details at


How Does it Work?

What do you have to do to participate.

(1) You don’t register for anything or buy anything

(2) Our 45-DAY SHREEM BRZEE Chanting Challenge is a self-motivated challenge to change your life ie this is a personal commitment YOU make to YOURSELF to chant SHREEM BRZEE for a 45-day period to change your financial destiny by enhancing your wealth consciousness.

(3) Once you sign up for our SHREEM BRZEE45-Day Chanting Challenge, I will in the next two week add you to our SHREEM BRZEE Whatsapp chat group (which I will create shortly) which will give support and encouragement to everyone.

(4) Beginning on 27 July 2018 on Guru Purnima 2018, our SHREEM BRZEE challenge starts each morning at sunrise (Singapore time) and will end before midnight of that day.

(5) You commit to yourself and remind yourself (through use of reminders on your mobile phones) to chant SHREEM BRZEE as many times throughout the day. This we will do as a group for 45 days!

(6) You can chant 108x, 1008x, 10,008 SHREEM BRZEEs or whatever number you want to aim for. You decide for yourself. 
You can do more on one day and less on another – it is entirely up to you. Our goal collectively as a group is to keep each other continually focused on SHREEM BRZEE over a 45 day period!

(7) To encourage and to keep motivating everyone on our Whatsapp  SHREEM BRZEE group over the next 45-days I invite you to share a screenshot of your SHREEM BRZEE counts for that day (if you are using a tally counter app or clicker app on the iPhone or Android).


Screenshot from Day 43 of our most recent

45-Day Shreem Brzee Challenge!


You can also just Whatsapp your SHREEM BRZEE count for the day to our SHREEM BRZEE Group (or not if you don’t wish to).

Again, the only goal is for all of you to keep chanting SHREEM BRZEE and building your wealth consciousness.


To join (its FREE!) our 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Challenge, register with your contact details at


Can Anyone Join in / Participate?

Yes Absolutely!

It does not matter whether you are in Singapore, in the UK, US or the Middle East – all you need is a desire to improve your financial and material lives and would like to be a part of a like-minded group of students who wish the same.

What do you need? your mobile/smart phone and a registered Whatsapp account. 

To join (its FREE!) our 45-Day SHREEM BRZEE Challenge, register with your contact details at


IMPORTANT NOTE: When providing your phone number, you must include your country IDD code or I will be unable to add you to the SHREEM BRZEE Whatsapp chat group.


With love,


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