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You are Invited to a 9 Nights of the Goddess Initiation Trip to India (12-14th October 2018)

September 29, 2018


Namaste everyone,

A few days ago, Dr Pillai (Babaji) asked Mohini and Jai Radha to put together a Goddess Initiation Trip to India during the upcoming  9 Nights of the Goddess (10-18 October 2018). The Goddess Initiation Trip would be based on an exclusive Goddess Workshop that Babaji taught in India several years ago.


The cost of that exclusive Goddess Workshop with Babaji was US$9,000 but Babaji wanted the current Goddess Initiation Trip to be at a fraction of the cost. Here is Jai Radha, one of Pillai Center’s teachers, sharing what the Goddess Initiation Trip would be like.


An Invitation to India from the Goddess: Jai Radha shares her experience

In my many years of studying with Dr. Pillai, I’ve had the honour and privilege of not only learning about his Goddess teachings,  but also experiencing her grace in my life. I’m passionate about how the Goddess can bless, protect, and generously give to those who humbly come before her. This is why I’m very excited about a unique opportunity that was just granted by Dr. Pillai..


Dr. Pillai recently gave permission to release the exclusive Goddess teachings and initiations that he delivered to small group of people several years ago during Navaratri (9 Nights of the Goddess).  This is the first time this content will be provided to anyone beyond who received it personally from him. He has asked us to deliver these teachings via audio and video in the very location in which they were first delivered, Thiruvanamalai, India. 


I’m thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a three-day trip to this sacred location and home of Mt. Arunachala (the Mountain of Fire) during Navaratri.


We realize this is very short notice and that it will not be possible for many people to attend but we did not want to pass up Dr Pillai’s instruction to quickly organize this divine meeting with the Goddess. 


The retreat will take place October 12th, 13th and 14th during the 9 Nights of the Goddess when her presence is most powerful on the earth plane. We will be meditating and performing ceremonies during highly energized times of the morning and evening.


While Dr Pillai will not be physically present on the trip, he will be orchestrating all that we do and empowering the event from afar!

— Gina Guerrieri (Jai Radha)


What you will learn and be initiated into:




With love


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