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[Video] Dr Pillai on Why You Should Not Miss His Karma Busting & 3rd Eye Initiation Retreat (10-12 Nov 2018)

November 4, 2018


Flowing and floating with God’s energy is all you need to know. Then [your] life will be blissful…

– Dr Pillai




Namaste everyone,

In this new video from Dr Pillai (Babaji) above, Babaji explains why you should not miss this great opportunity to spend 3 divine days with Him for His upcoming 3-Day Karma Busting & 3rd Eye Initiation Retreat in India (10-12 November 2018).

During His retreat, Babaji will immerse you in different aspects on how you can remove your karma and be in union with Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga is the archetype who can remove your debt, disease and negativity as well as give you enlightenment and the Light Body.

As Babaji reveals in His video, Lord Muruga Himself is going to teach this program and Babaji is only serving as a channel to enable Lord Muruga to give His teachings and blessings to everyone present.



To learn more about Babaji’s 3-Day Karma Busting & 3rd Eye Initiation Retreat and how it came about, see my earlier post HERE


If you would like to attend Babaji’s 3-Day Karma Busting & 3rd Eye Initiation Retreat, please contact Ms Maheshwari urgently for all queries. Her email is


With love


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  1. Piet Visser permalink
    November 5, 2018 7:49 am

    I Wisch you aGood training Baba!! Sounds so good.Maybe in de future a beable to particepate… greetings Piet.

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