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Dr Pillai (Babaji) Gives You a Guided Healing Meditation Against the Coronavirus

April 11, 2020


Namaste everyone,

In this video teaching, Dr Pillai (Babaji) leads you on a very powerful meditation that Babaji says can help you deal with the coronavirus threat on a mental, biological, spiritual and emotional level.

According to Babaji. yoga teaches that your breath is your life. The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that affects your lungs and your ability to breathe. That is why the coronavirus is a very dangerous disease and we are now facing a life and death situation across the world. 

As His second gift to us, Babaji has created an all-protecting meditation for us by combining classic pranayama (life breath) techniques, Babaji’s own divine insights, science, yoga, religion and mythology all together to give us a healing and protection meditation that you will never find elsewhere!

Here is the mantra that Babaji chants during His guided meditation: OM PRANESWARAYA SWAHA

Keep watching Babaji’s video as often as you can during these challenging times to give you comfort and spiritual protection against the coronavirus.

Please also share Babaji’s video with your friends and family for their own spiritual protection and blessings!



Stay safe, and till we meet again.


with love,






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