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[Not To Be Missed!] Dr Pillai’s Greatest Gift to You For Your Own Enlightenment

May 2, 2020


Namaste everyone,

During a “live” teaching a few hours ago,  Dr Pillai (Babaji) gave us one of His most powerful and greatest gifts to us – through His own siddhi (supernormal) powers, Babaji guided us on an experience of being in meditation for 4-days straight in just under 20 minutes. Babaji accomplished this by compressing time for us!

Babaji’s meditation will give you a taste of enlightenment and bliss as Babaji guides you inwards to focus on your third eye (ajna chakra) in your mid-brain which your gateway to accessing different higher divine dimensions.

Words cannot describe the feeling of being in a meditation of bliss as if for hours and days when the actual time we spent in meditation with Babaji in this video was just under 20 minutes!   

After the meditation ended, Babaji shared that this most blessed meditation was a gift from Babaji’s Higher Divine Self for the benefit of His students.



Keep meditating with Babaji as often as you can in order to evolve your individual soul and your own consciousness.

Babaji says in His video that after you complete this 4-day meditation practice (in just under 20 minutes), your body mind and soul will change. Babaji promises that not only will you will feel rejuvenated, but you will be in bliss!

Till we meet again,


with love,






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