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How To Express Your Gratitude & Love to Dr Pillai (Babaji) for Guru Purnima 2020

July 5, 2020


Happy Guru Purnima (Full Moon Night of the Guru) Everyone!

Guru Purnima is the most singularly powerful window in 2020 to connect with the Guru, which for us is Dr Pillai (Babaji). 

On this day, the Guru extends all His Grace and Blessings to you for your personal spiritual and material evolution. 

Babaji has done so much for us, including teaching us how to get rid of our negative karma (that holds us back from accomplishing our goals) as well as revealing SHREEM BRZEE, the ultimate money mantra, that we can use to manifest wealth and abundance for ourselves!

Like the sun that is constantly shining, Babaji  is constantly showering us with His Grace and Blessings, unconditionally.

All you need to do is just receive His blessings with an open heart.


How Can I Show My Love & Gratitude to My Guru?

Babaji does not ask for anything in return, for He is complete.

That is the grace and compassion of the Guru, who gives unconditionally without expecting anything in return from His students.

However, if you would like to express your gratitude to Babaji for all that He has done for you, please consider giving to Tripura Foundation, Babaji’s US-registered charity that He founded 30 years ago to alleviate hunger and poverty in the world, especially in the land of Babaji’s birthplace i.e. India.


The Impact of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic on India & Its Rural Poor

India has been one of the worst countries in the world hit by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The worst impact has been on India’s daily low wage labourers who have no work now, little food, no hope in sight, and no way to feed and educate their children.

During these difficult times, Babaji’s Tripura Foundation takes care of many of the children of such low wage daily labourers.

Tripura Foundation feeds over 4,000 poor and in need children a daily basis. 



Tripura Foundation’s Innovative Summer HoPE Stations

Given the extent of the Covid-19 crisis, Tripura Foundation has come up with an innovative program to support the children of such daily low wage labourers in India known as Summer HoPE Stations.

Summer Hope Stations offer Tripura Foundation’s transformation program of intelligence-enhancing Phonemic Intelligence, character development through the Personal Transformation Program, academic tutoring and healthy mini-meals to support their Hope Center children who live in the most remote, rural villages who have no school now (and therefore no formal schooling) due to the current lockdown in India.

Express your gratitude and love to Babaji on this Guru Purnima 2020 by giving to Tripura Foundation and helping Tripura Foundation’s Summer Hope Stations program.



No gift to Babaji is too small as it comes from your heart to Babaji.

To learn more about Tripura Foundations Summer HoPE Stations program, click here.

To give to Tripura Foundation, please click here.




Have a blessed Guru Purnima 2020 everyone!


with love,






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