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Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestations Powerspots Trip to Rameshwaram, India (May 2017)

An Ambassadors of HoPE Powerspots Trip:

KARUPPASWAMY Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestations Powerspots Trip  To Rameshwaram, India

Final Trip Dates Option: 26-28 May 2017 (Option #3)

Namaste everyone,

I am delighted to invite you to our new 2-in-1 ultimate karma busting powerspots & miracle manifestation powerspots trip taking place in May 2017 that can:

(1) bust your unwanted negative karma (such as negative money, health, relationship and spiritual karma). As Dr Pillai (Babaji) teaches, once you bust (clear) your old unwanted karma (which are negative limiting thought patterns which hold you back), you will make space in your life for a NEW destiny  AND

(2) manifest miracles in your life (be it healing, financial or relationship miracles)

As many of you are working and may not be able to apply for long leave of absence from work, we have specially designed our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip to be an intensive jam-packed weekend trip!


To learn more about our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip, DOWNLOAD the Free trip e-brochure HERE


How Did Our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting Trip & Miracle Manifestations Trip Come About?

In January 2017, Dr Pillai (Babaji) announced that the divine archetype Karuppaswamy decided to incarnate on the earthplane on 15 January 2017, which was the exact date He (Karuppaswamy) had come to the earthplane many millions of years ago during a different epoch in the earth’s history.

As Dr Pillai (Babaji) explains in His webcast (below), Karuppaswamy, in His divine will, decided to incarnate on the island of Rameshwaram (Babaji’s birthplace) and install Himself at Babaji’s personal family temple.

Dr Pillai (Babaji) also explains how Karuppaswamy can give you super-consciousness and super-intelligence by activating certain parts of our brain.


Click Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s picture above to watch Him speak about the significance of Karuppaswamy’s descent on 15 January 2017 at Rameshwaram.  You can also click on this link to access Babaji’s video:

Who is Karuppaswamy & What Will He Do For You?

Karuppaswamy is known as the God of Justice and the God of Righteousness.

He rights things wrong where there is injustice. Karuppaswamy is also known as a Performer God because you can get instantaneous results when you connect and call upon Karuppaswamy.
Karuppaswamy has been worshiped as a village deity, although in fact, Karuppaswamy is the God of Justice and God of Miracles.

According to Babaji, Karuppaswamy is a very powerful god and out of sheer compassion for the human condition, Karuppaswamy is interested in helping those who come to Him to solve very mundane (human) problems such as resolving disputes between neighbours, between siblings, solving money disputes, relationship problems and performing healing and financial miracles.

As Babaji reveals, you do not go to Karuppaswamy if you seeking enlightenment as this is not his domain – Karuppaswamy’s expertise is solving your day-to-day problems and bringing miracles into your life.

Don’t Miss Babaji’s special Karuppaswamy webcast on 15 January 2017 (below) and learn how to connect with Karuppaswamy:

Dr Pillai (Babaji) Exclusive Teaching On How You Can Connect with Karuppaswamy & Access His Energies & Blessings


On 15 January 2017, the day of Karupaswamy’s descent onto the earth plane, Dr Pillai (Babaji) taught a set of powerful Karuppaswamy teachings.

You can access by clicking on Babaji’s picture (above) or by clicking HERE:

.During this special webcast, Babaji:

  • EXPLAINS the significance of Karuppaswamy’s descent onto the earth plane i.e. Karupaswamy’s descent marks the beginning of a new dharma (righteousness) coming to the world as righteousness all over the world is dwindling
  • EXPLAINS why Karuppaswamy is misunderstood as a village deity.


  • EXPLAINS WHY Karuppaswamy is the God of Justice & a god who can perform miracles in your life:
    • Karuppaswamy is going to make sure that anyone who has been wronged financially or by any other means will be protected and will be given a chance to come up in life
    • Babaji shares how there have been many miracle testimonials of Karuppaswamy, for example, of Karuppaswamy descending into people’s bodies to help them argue their cases in court and of Karuppaswamy descending into doctor’s body to perform a miracle surgery. As Babaji notes, this is why He refers to Karuppaswamy as a Performer God.
  • REVEALS How Karuppaswamy Can Help You. According to Babaji:
    • Karuppaswamy is very very close to the earthplane. Karuppaswamy is an extremely powerful god and Karuppaswamy can do miracles for you
    • Karuppaswamy is very interested in solving, and helping you to solve very mundane (human) problems such as disputes between neighbours, between siblings, relationship problems, health problems, sibling issues
  • TEACHES HOW you can establish a personal contact with Karuppaswamy:
    • you should make a commitment to establish a personal relationship with Karuppaswamy
    • Karuppaswamy descends onto the earth plane at 8:20 pm daily. Each day at 8:20 pm, you can access and interact with Karuppaswamy’s energy by praying to Him.
    • you should offer a lot of incense. According to Babaji, Karuppaswamy likes a lot of incense. The more incense you offer, the more stronger your ability to contact him.
    • you can offer light, flowers and food items to Karuppaswamy. You can offer Karuppaswamy whatever food items that you eat. However, make sure that the food you offer to Karuppaswamy is not left overs as Karuppaswamy doesn’t like left-over food.
    • Then you make a prayer to Karuppaswamy. If your prayer is a judicious prayer, Karuppaswamy will grant it. If it is not judicious, Karuppaswamy won’t pay attention to it.
    • do this practice for 45 days consecutively at 8:20 pm





The Greatest Karma Busting Powerspot On the Earthplane

The thousand-year old corridors of the Rameshwaram Temple where Dr Pillai (Babaji) spent His childhood and youth

Rameshwaram is a small island located in the southern-most tip of India. It is also Babaji’s birthplace.

Rameshwaram is the greatest powerspot vortex on the face of this earth to remove and dissolve your most serious and stubborn karmas (past birth sins) impacting on your money, health and relationships.

Every year, thousands of pilgrims come to Rameshwaram from all over the world to wash away their unwanted negative karmas by bathing in the sea of Rameshwaram followed by a bath at the 22-temple wells of the main temple at Rameshwaram which is several thousands of years old.

In mythical times, Lord Rama ordained Rameshwaram as the perfect geographical space to remove the most sinful karma. Rameshwaram is most well-known as the vortex that Lord Rama had to go to get rid of his karma for having killed the demon Ravana in battle.

Although Ravana was an evil being that had to be killed, in accordance with the karmic rules of the universe, killing someone has its own consequences and Lord Rama needed to atone for his actions.

Lord Rama established a shrine for Lord Shiva in the Rameshwaram temple and ordained that whosoever had done terrible karma could come to this shrine and wash their sins in the Rameshwaram temple.

More closer to our heart, Babaji has on several occasions explained why He reincarnated in Rameshwaram. According to Babaji, He needed to breathe and later master the spiritual energy that dissolves terrible karma of people to enable Babaji to help His students and devotees diffuse their karma.

In fact, Babaji said that He did not step foot off the island of Rameshwaram for the first 18 years of His life so that He (Babaji) could completely soak in the supreme karma-busting siddhi (supernormal) powers of Rameshwaram.

During our 3-day Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Tripwe will overnight in Rameshwaram and spend two days in this most divine powerspot engaged in some very intensive karma busting.


Click on the picture above to watch how we do ultimate karma busting at Rameshwaram. You can also click on this link to access the video:


“Rebirth! How A Visit to Rameshwaram Changed My Life”:

A Miracle Story from one of our past Karma Busting Trip Attendees

I would like to share with you a very special audio testimonial from MH who attended our Ultimate Karma Busting trip to Rameshwaram in 2011.

It was truly a divine blessing that MH shared her testimonial a year later and not immediately after the trip in 2011. Why?

As you will hear from MH herself (below), in hindsight, MH was able to see how the powerful karma busting effects and benefits of visiting Rameshwaram (bathing in the sea of Rama and taking 22 baths at the 22 wells of Rameshwaram) unfolded in her life and how the 2011 Karma Busting trip to Rameshwaram transformed many aspects of her life!

You too can make that dramatic transformation in your life when you visit Rameshwaram, Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s birthplace and the greatest karma busting powerspots in the world!


To listen to MH, click on


SEAN describes his amazing visit to Rameshwaram

SEAN from Sydney joined us on our June 2015 Siddhi Powerspots Trip, and describes his experience visiting the karma busting island of Rameshwaram.


Click on Sean’s picture or at here to watch Sean share about his magical Rameshwaram journey.


Watch JORDAN describe how Rameshwaram changed his life completely

During one of His seminars, Dr Pillai (Babaji) taught how if someone wanted to change his/her destiny completely, all he/she had to do was to spend a week in Rameshwaram doing nothing but karma busting baths in the Sea of Rama and at the 22-Rameshwaram temple wells.

One of Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s students, Jordan, took Babaji’s advice to heart and did just that. Jordan spent a divine week in Rameshwaram taking daily karma busting baths in the Sea of Rama and at the 22-Rameshwaram temple wells.



Watch Jordan describe what happened after that. Click on Jordan’s picture or at here



Our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Trip is also an Ambassadors of HoPE Trip

As our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip is organised under the auspices of Tripura Foundation, Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) charity foundation, the Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip will also be in part an Ambassadors of HoPE trip.

As a Tripura Foundation Ambassador of HoPE, you will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to the HoPE Center children you will be visiting. Your mission is to spread love joy and happiness to the children at these HoPE Centers and to show them that people all over the world care for them.

You will get to visit several HoPE Centers to see for yourself how the destinies of poor children are being dramatically changed. Thanks to Dr Pillai’s simple but powerful Phonemic Intelligence techniques, such children no longer have to embrace their destinies as road sweepers, cooks, cleaners and attendants. Instead, HoPE Center children have now the courage and confidence to aspire to be doctors, engineers and beneficial members of society.

We are inviting you to introduce the HoPE center children to new cultures and to the world beyond their rural village by sharing with them about your home country and what you do there You will have the opportunity to learn and see for yourself how Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers and their other initiatives are changing the lives of thousands of children on a daily basis.

You will also help in the distribution of meals to the HoPE Center children. As Dr Pillai (Babaji) teaches, “feeding a hungry human being brings you the highest grace from God.”


Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting  & Miracle Manifestation Trip HIGHLIGHTS

We have jam-packed our 3-day Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip with visits to sacred karma busting and miracle manifestation powerspots AND destiny-changing rituals and remedies so that you can transform your material and spiritual destiny for 2017 and beyond.

  • (2X) Rameshwaram Karma-Busting Baths to bust your most serious negative and unwanted karmas:


  • Each Rameswaram Karma-Busting Bath means 1 bath in the Sea of Rama + baths at each of the 22 karma busting wells of the Rameswaram temple.
  • Each Rameshwaram Karma-Busting Bath takes about 2 hours to complete (depending on the size of our group and the number of pilgrims at Rameshwaram at the time).
  • During each Rameswaram Karma Busting Bath, you will have the chance of get rid of your most unwanted, stubborn and negative karmas (financial, emotional, relationship, spiritual, health) that are currently blocking your life and which are preventing you from realising your true Divine potential
  • TWO Rameswaram Karma-Busting Baths means TWO priceless opportunities to collect for yourself precious Rameswaram Karma Busting Waters to bring home for you and your loved ones.
  • (2X) Perform tarpanam (ritual to bring peace to your ancestors and to seek their blessings) at the Sea of Rama, one of the most greatest powerspots to perform tarpanam
  • (2X) Visits to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati’s shrine at the Rameshwaram Temple to absolve your unwanted negative karmas. Pilgrims come to see Lord Shiva here for His karma-diffusing blessings.
  • (2X) Visits to Goddess Nambu Nayaki, a very powerful healing goddess who can give you a miracle healingGo before Goddess Nambu to experience a healing for a physical, emotional or karmic ailment you may be suffering or experiencing. Go before Goddess Nambu’s temple to experience a healing a physical, emotional or karmic ailment you may be suffering or experiencing.
  • (2X) Visits to the newly consecrated Karuppaswamy Temple at Babaji’s family temple  to meditate and connect with Karuppaswamy and obtain His miracle blessings.

  • (1X) Karuppaswamy group homa (sacred fire ritual) so that you can connect with Karuppaswamy at the speed of light.
  • (2X) Visits to Goddess Rakakshi Aman, the Goddess who holds the secrets to thought manifestation
  • Serve as an Ambassador of HoPE and bring joy to the children of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Centers. Our goal is to visit at least two HoPE Centers during our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip.




I would like to share with you about Goddess Nambu Nayaki, the Healing Goddess, whose powerspot is on Rameshwaram.

Dr Pillai (Babaji) introduced us to Goddess Nambu Nayaki five years ago, and since then we have had the privilege to visit this beautiful Goddess on our Ambassadors of HoPE Trips when we visit Rameshwaram.



Click on Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s picture above to watch Him explain how Goddess Nambu Nayaki has been inextricably linked with Him through His mother who would have died if not for Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s intervention.  You can also click on this link to access Babaji’s video:



Click on the picture above to watch Beth share how Goddess Nambu Nayaki can help you. Beth also gives you the mantra to connect with Goddess Nambu Nayaki as well as lead you through a short meditation to connect with Goddess Nambu. You can also click on this link to access Mohini’s & Beth’s video:


In their respective videos above, Dr Pillai (Babaji) and Beth Des Marais (Babaji’s long time student who has been blessed by Babaji to channel Goddess Nambu) explain what Goddess Nambu can give to you:

  • Goddess Nambu Nayaki is the goddess that can give you a miracle healing
  • anyone who goes to Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s temple can be healed of any physical / emotional or karmic ailment or suffering they are currently experiencing. Goddess Nambu Nayaki will enter your body, mind and karmic body to heal you of the ailment you are suffering from

According to Dr Pillai (Babaji), Goddess Nambu Nayaki came down to the earth plane thousands of years ago but knowledge of Her power has been kept hidden away from the world at large.

After watching Dr Pillai (Babaji) share His childhood memories of visiting Goddess Nambu Nayaki, I was struck by how especially blessed we all are.

Dr Pillai (Babaji) was born in 1949 and according to Him, when He visited Goddess Nambu Nayaki as a boy in the early 1950s, Dr Pillai (Babaji) had to walk a long long way to Her temple to visit Goddess Nambu Nayaki.

Also, at the time (the 1950s), much of Rameshwaram was still a jungle and Dr Pillai (Babaji) had to cross a lake where the water level would sometimes be up to His chest and sometimes even up to His neck!

Today, things are very very different for us when we visit Goddess Nambu Nayaki at Rameshwaram.

Our visit to Goddess Nambu Nayaki is a comfortable 20-minute drive by car from our hotel.

Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s temple is clean and peaceful and there is a nicely laid out pathway for us to reach Her temple.



How Do You Connect with Goddess Nambu Nayaki To Access Her Blessings?

Watch Babaji’s + Mohini’s and Beth’s video above to learn how you can access Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s miracle healing energies and blessings.


  • Chant Goddess Nambu’s mantra which Babaji gives in His video above to call upon Her. Her mantra is NARBHAVEE NAMBUNAYAKI NAMAHA
  • Learn the meditation from Beth (above) to connect with Goddess Nambu Nayaki.


“How Goddess Nambu Nayaki Gave Me a Health Miracle and Helped Me Save S$1,600!”:  Shiva from our Dec 2016 Siddhi Trip shares his Goddess Nambu Nayaki miracle healing story

I would like to share how Goddess Nambu Nayaki gave me an important healing miracle which also saved me a lot of money!

Sometime in May 2016, I had to go to the dentist to have several of my teeth extracted. Then, just before I went on the Dec 2016 Siddhi Trip, I developed a recurring pain in my jaw. When the dentist checked my jaw, he discovered there was an unusual tissue growth at the site where one of my teeth had been extracted.

I later learnt this was due to poor stitching work after my tooth had been extracted. This also resulted in my sinuses becoming congested with fluid. I had to go the dentist many times to remove the unusual tissue growth and then I had to spend 5 days in the dentist chair as the dentist syringed out the fluid build-up in my sinuses. After the treatment was over, my dentist told me there was still a “hole” in my gum area where he had removed the unusual tissue growth and that I had to come back to see him to stitch close the hole. The cost for this minor surgery – a further S$1,600! According to the dentist, the cost of the surgery was high because although the hole in my gum area was about 2-3 mm wide, the dentist had to take tissue from other parts of me to close the hole! My dentist strongly recommended me to go for the surgery (and got his receptionist to keep calling me regularly to fix an appointment for the surgery) because the dentist said the hole would not close and heal by itself naturally, and thus surgery was a must!

I did not go to the dentist and went as scheduled on the Siddhi Trip (Dec 2016). When we visited Goddess Nambu Nayaki at her temple at Rameshwaram, I prayed to Goddess Nambu Nayaki for the hole in my gum area to be healed naturally. I surrendered to Goddess Nambu Nayaki and put my faith in Her Divine healing blessings.

I soon forgot about my gum issue, and about one week after I returned home from our Siddhi Trip, I could see that the hole in my gum area had miraculously healed by itself and was closed. I knew in my heart Goddess Nambu Nayaki had miraculously cured me!

I am ever so grateful to Goddess Nambu Nayaki for having healed me and saving me a huge amount of $1,600, which I would have had to spend for the dentist to perform minor surgery on my jaw to close the hole in my gum area!

Thank you Goddess Nambu Nayaki!



Our Trip Attendees-cum Ambassadors of HoPE Bringing Cheer and Joy To Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Center Children

AARON joined us for our Agastya Siddhi Trip in April 2016 and allowed me to share his touching experience of meeting and interacting with Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Center children for the first time.

Here is an excerpt from Aaron’s journal which he had so graciously shared with me:

It had been a long and jam-packed first day [on our Agastya Siddhi Trip] and we still had one more stop to go: to meet the kids at one of the centers run by the Tripura Foundation. Originally we had planned to visit two but due to time constraint we could only go to one. On our way there Vijay told us that it was a rare treat for these kids to meet and interact with foreigners and as ambassadors of hope, we’re really like inspiration to these children and could potentially change their destinies. This prep talk really reinvigorated us and even though we were exhausted, we really wanted to do our best later.

When we arrived at the village, we were surprised to see a big crowd of people gathered outside a building where the kids were all waiting for us. We could see some of the kids waiting for us and holding flowers in their hands that they had plucked earlier. There was a sense of excitement in the air. Even the teachers were waiting for us! We felt like VIPs. Certainly not used to receiving this kind of treatment. We finally got out of our bus and were greeted with the loveliest smiles and hellos and one after the other, the children gave us their flowers. As we made our way into the building we saw more children sitting on the floor waiting for us. Vijay introduced us to the children and after that we served them chocolate that we had brought from Singapore. It was a treat not only for them but for us as well. We got to experience first hand the joy of giving. After that we played a game of blow bubbles with them. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as the game was immersive and interactive. Vijay even recorded short video clips of it and posted them online afterwards.

One thing I learnt from this experience: I realized I had put up so many walls around me over the years. But that evening, all the walls came crumbling down and I became a child again. It was pure joy and the more I gave to the kids, the more I got back in return.

After the game, the kids all sat down on the floor and we went round serving them meals on banana leaves. The food was simple and so was the game but it made me realize we don’t need a lot to be happy in life. Just look at their happy faces! What Tripura Foundation is doing is a great thing and should be supported.

It was pretty late when we finally said goodbye to the children. I don’t remember exactly how long our visit was but time passes so quickly when we’re having fun. We boarded our bus and made our way to a new hotel for dinner and some much needed rest! In the bus we were still feeling pretty energized from our time with the kids. Vijay commented that this was one of the liveliest and most fun group activity with the kids so far on his Siddha trips which brought big smiles on our faces. I hope we’ve made a positive and lasting impression on the kids as they have on us.



.Tripura Foundation’s Gift To You As An Ambassador of HoPE

Tripura Foundation will sponsor:

  • Your transport costs for the entire 3-day trip in India. (For your reference, Tripura Foundation’s transport costs for the 3-day trip is approximately US$2,000 for the hiring of the bus, driver, fuel – we will be traveling a total distance of about 700 km to and fro Rameshwaram on the trip!).
  • Your costs for your personalised access to the (2) sets of Rameshwaram sea bath + bath at the 22 Rameshwaram sacred sin-dissolving wells for ultimate karma bustingAs our trip attendees have benefitted in the past, Tripura Foundation will pay for your specialised and personalised access to each of the Rameshwaram 22 wells. Otherwise, you have to battle with the other hundreds of pilgrims and queue for hours to bathe at each of the 22 wells.
  • costs for all our temple rituals at the ancient Rameshwaram Shiva Temple and Goddess Nambu Nayaki’s Temple.
  • cost for the Karuppaswamy group homa (sacred fire ritual) at Karuppaswamy’s newly consecrated temple. The Karuppaswamy homa will invoke His energies and blessings to ensure that you have the most powerful connection with Karuppaswamy.


We would like to give as many of you as possible the opportunity to transform your spiritual and material destinies for 2017 by visiting Rameshwaram and connecting with Karuppaswamy, the God of Miracles.

That is why we are giving the option of three dates in April 2017 and May 2017 for you to choose from, depending on your schedule:

Option #1: 21-23 April 2017 (Completed)

Option #2: 19-21 May 2017 

Option #3: 26-28 May 2017


NOTE: As you will serve as an Ambassador of HoPE for Tripura Foundation, Tripura Foundation is graciously sponsoring 50% of your trip expenses (such as transport costs and the costs of organising your Rameswaram & Karuppaswamy remedies for the trip).

Therefore, for cost effective reasons, each trip date requires a minimum number of ten (10) attendees. I will give the go-ahead for each trip date once we have a minimum number of attendees per trip.

[If you would like to attend Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip and are able to attend either of the trip dates, please indicate this in your email to me.]


Trip Cost (per person) (*terms and conditions apply)

The Karuppaswamy Karma Busting & Miracles Powerspots Trip is organised as a fund raising trip for Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s US-based charity, Tripura Foundation.

Your trip cost consists of two components:

  1. Donation to Tripura Foundation: US$600 (approximately SGD$850) (you make this donation to Tripura Foundation US directly yourself online or by wire transfer prior to our trip) +
  2. Your own food/accommodations: US$140 (approximately SGD$200). (You pay this amount to the Tripura Foundation Trustee (who will be with us) at the start of the trip).

If you wish to have a single room for the duration of the trip (depending on room availability) or are required to take a single room (see note below) the additional cost for a single room for the duration of the trip is US$70 in total, and your total accommodation & meal cost for the trip is US$210 (SGD$300)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Accommodations are on a twin-sharing basis. I allocate room-mates of the same sex on a first come basis. This means that depending on when you sign up, if I am unable to pair you with another room-mate of the same sex, you may have to take a single room at the single room costs above. I will however let you know about this at the point when you register for the trip in order for you to decide.


INCLUDES (while you are on the trip):

(i) your food and meals;

(ii) your accommodations (note: twin-sharing. If you require a single room, see my note above)

(iii) bottled water;

(iv) your coach transport

(v) all tipping of the hotel staff/waiters/drivers;

(vi) all temple rituals for the group including abishekams, poojas and archanas

(vii) karma busting bath at Sea of Rameshwaram & 22 wells of Rameshwaram

(viii) cost of Karuppaswamy group homa
(ix) your pick up from the Trichy airport when you arrive in India and drop-off at the Trichy airport when you are departing from India. (NOTE: Only applicable as long as you arrive and depart during the given scheduled time).


(i) the cost of your international return air ticket to India

(ii) the cost of your visa to enter India

(iii) any trip extensions or changes to your itinerary

(iv) your personal room service charges / mini-bar consumption / individual beverages ordered during meals

(v) your travel insurance for the trip

(vi) your pickup and drop off at the Trichy airport if you arrive and are departing outside the scheduled group arrival and departure times




Flight Information & How To Qualify For The Group Pick-Up/ Drop Off

Final Trip Option #3: 26-28 May 2017

Arrival into Trichy, India:

26 May 2017 (Friday evening): You will need to arrive INTO Trichy International Airport between 9 pm to 11 pm (India standard time).  If you are flying in from Singapore, most of us will be travelling on Tiger Airways flight TR 2664 (see picture of flight itinerary below)

Departure from Trichy, India:

28 May 2017 (Sun evening): You will fly OUT OF Trichy International Airport for Singapore (or your respective home destination). We are scheduled to arrive at the Trichy Airport by 8:00 pm so you can book your flight on your preferred airline to depart from Trichy India any time after 10 pm (India standard time) on 28 May 2017.


How Do I Register / Learn More?

If you have decided to attend our Karuppaswamy Ultimate Karma Busting & Miracle Manifestation Powerspots Trip  do register as soon as possible,

Once I have ten (10) attendees registered each for trip, I will give that trip date the go-ahead and you can proceed to buy your airticket for the trip at an early rate.

Contact:  Vijay at (email)


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