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Learn Why You Are Truly LIGHT

August 11, 2015

AOH Light Body Trip to India


Namaste everyone,

The Light Body is the Siddhas’ ultimate teaching – the Siddhas teach that the true purpose of humankind is to realise their nature as LIGHT.

The purpose of our coming LightBody Ascension Ambassadors of HoPE Powerspot Trip to India (4-6 Sep 2015) is to take you to the most powerful Siddha vortexes associated with the Light Body to infuse your body, mind & soul with unlimited energies of LIGHT and Ascension.


Light Body Pillai Center


If you would like to understand more about the LightBody and how the LightBody can help you vibrate at a higher frequency so you can accomplish your material and spiritual goals faster, watch Dr Pillai (Babaji) below


Dr Pillai LightBody

In His 2013 How to Activate Your LightBody webcast, Babaji gave a mesmerizing teaching and His most detailed explanation on:

  • What is the LightBody?
  • Why the LightBody is your true body and why you can’t see the true reality.
  • Why unlike your human meat body, your LightBody will never disintegrate.
  • Why the LightBody is not an esoteric concept but a very practical teaching
  • How the LightBody has been acknowledged in all the major religions & spiritual traditions including Judaism, Christianity (in the Bible) and in the Hindu tradition.
  • How the mystical Siddhas created an entire body of science to turn the human meat body into Light
  • Why the LightBody is your true self
  • How the LightBody gives you the Highest Intelligence and with this Highest Intelligence, you can accomplish anything and everything you want
  • How as you journey towards the LightBody and infuse your body and DNA with more Light, you will (a) gain more higher consciousness (b) begin to acquire the ability to know everything (c) become more successful materially by operating at the speed of the Light. Babaji gives the example of how Bill Gates has acknowledged the concept of the LightBody.


Don’t miss the special meditation Babaji gives for you to infuse LightBody energies into your very inner essence at the DNA-level.




Highlights of the Light Body Ascension Powerspots Trip 

The key focus of this trip is to visit and spend extended periods in mediation (over both trip days) at the vortex where Swami Ramalinga ascended into LIGHT in 1874 at Vadalur, South India.

This is so you can thoroughly infuse yourself with the energies and vibrations of the Light Body.


Light Body Meditation At Swami Ramalinga's House


Here is the planned trip itinerary

(1) extended meditation at Swami Ramalinga’s house on 5th & 6th September 2015

(2) visit and meditation to Siddha Jnanasambadar vortex where He ascended into LIGHT 

(3) visit to Runavimochana, the debt clearing temple at Thirucherai . For many of us, our souls long for evolution and ascension but practically speaking, we have earthly responsibilities to deal with, including debt. Through Divine Grace, this powerful temple can help us alleviate our debt.

(4) visit to Sri Rangam Temple, the first of the 108 abodes for Vishnu in South India. Vishnu is the archetype who brings material and financial comfort. While you work on your own evolution and Light Body practices, you still need the blessing of the Divine to take care of your earthly duties eg paying of bills. 

Download the LightBody Ascension Powerspot Trip e-brochure to learn more by clicking HERE 


Tripura Foundation

To learn about the amazing powerspots we will be visiting during our upcoming Ambassadors of HoPE trips in September 2015, please click on the trips below to download their e-brochure:

(1) LightBody Ascension Powerspot Trip (4-6 Sep 2015)

(2) 9 Temples of Wealth Powerspot Trip (6-8 Sep 2015)


Please get in touch with me at if you have any further queries about either of the trips.


With love,


Dr Pillai LightBody Powerspot Trip


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