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Welcome Back & Dr Pillai (Babaji)’s Latest 2016-2017 Mystery School Teachings

August 28, 2016

Dr Pillai Mystery School


Namaste everyone,

After an extended personal sabbatical, I am happy to be back to share with you the latest teachings from Dr Pillai (Babaji) and a number of number of events lined up for our Dr Pillai Asia Community.


First things First: Dr Pillai (Babaji’s) Latest Teachings For 2016

Dr Pillai 2016Babaji’s current teachings are His Mystery School Teachings.

In the Mystery School teachings, Babaji will teach you techniques from the Yogis, Siddhas and other ancient traditions such as the ancient Egyptians for you to unveil your inner divinity and power.

You will learn how to harness powerful secretive techniques from such mystical traditions for your material and spiritual evolution.

Babaji recently taught a webcast seminar where He introduced all of us to His Mystery School teachings. Watch Babaji below outline His Mystery School teachings.



As a bonus blessing, don’t miss the end of Babai’s webcast where Babaji gave a number of additional teachings for all our benefit!   


With love,



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  1. A Sivaram permalink
    August 29, 2016 5:10 pm

    My name is sivaram from malaysia and would like to know more about teaching of Dr. Pillai (Baba). The address of Baba’s asharam in Chenai. I may visit him when miracles happen to me.

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