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Join Dr Pillai’s Ritual to Invoke 12 Rare Forms of Ganesha on Ganesha’s Birthday (5 Sep 2016)

September 3, 2016

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Namaste everyone

Ganesha’s birthday this year (on 5 Sep 2016) is going to be extra special – Dr Pillai (Babaji) has been guided to invoke 12 rare and powerful forms of Ganesha, the divine being that can remove obstacles in your life, remove your unwanted negative karma and bring you happiness and wealth.

Watch Babaji in His video below as Babaji explains how He was divinely guided to create this never-before created vortex for Ganesha (which will take place on Ganesha’s birthday on 5 Sep 2016.)

Learn more about Babaji’s 12-Forms of Ganesha rituals on 5 September 2016



Below is a beautiful and very informative infographic created by Babaji’s Pillai Center and Astroved.

Each of the 12 Ganeshas have a unique gift they can bless you with – for example, Haremba Ganesha can bless you with unlimited wealth.  

As you read about these 12 rare forms of Ganesha, make a silent prayer to each one of them to invoke their energies and ask them for a specific blessing you wish to receive.

Fill your consciousness with any of the Ganeshas that you feel especially drawn to and keep thinking of them in your third eye (mid-brain) to access their energies and power.  


Shreemarakara 12 Forms of Ganesha A

Ganesha B


Happy Ganesha Birthday Celebrations everyone!


With love


Dr Pillai (Babaji)

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