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Help Dr Pillai (Babaji) Realise His Birthday (which falls on 1 Feb 2014) Wish

January 31, 2014

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Namaste everyone,

Dr PillaiDr Pillai (Babaji) doesn’t need anything for He is complete but recently, Babaji was moved by the plight of the people of Rameshwaram, His birthplace and told Mohini that something had be done to help the people of Rameshwaram.

The island of Rameshwaram lies in the most southern tip of India and the people there are being impacted by the territorial disputes over fishing areas with neighbouring lands. Many of the Rameshwaram fishermen have been killed, leaving behind their grieving widows who have no means to provide for themselves and their orphaned children..

A glimpse of Rameshwaram

Galvanised by Babaji’s sadness for the suffering of His people, and since Babaji’s birthday was approaching, Mohini decided to reach out to all of us, Babaji’s students worldwide, to invite us to give Babaji the best birthday present possible by helping His people on Rameshwaram in their time of need.
Here is Mohini explaining more about how we can help give back to Babaji, no matter how small:

“Hi everyone,

It is very rare for Baba to ask for anything…

Today Baba called me and asked for something- not for himself, but for his people on the island of Rameshwaram, his birthplace.

There is a fishermen community in Rameshwaram where many of the men are being killed in territorial disputes over fishing areas. The number of widows is in the hundreds and growing.

Since Rameshwaram is a remote island, there is very little work for the widowed women to support the needs of their children. Masses of women and children are going hungry, and living in deplorable conditions.

Baba’s birthday wish is to help these people.

We need to act fast– on Baba’s Birthday (Feb. 1st) we plan to:

  • Inaugurate a Flagship HoPE Center to give transformational education to hundreds of children, many of them whose fathers have been killed.
  • Begin Implementing cottage industries where widowed women can learn entrepreneurial skills to independently support themselves, as the work on an isolated island like Rameshwaram is very scarce.
  • Host a Grand Feeding, the highest act of charity, in Baba’s name.
  • Hand out newly made clothes for the needy women and children.

Baba has a vision that if everyone gave a dollar a day, we could feed everyone in the world. Let’s start by giving a dollar a day to give our Guru the greatest Birthday gift– to join together in love and compassion and help his suffering people of Rameshwaram.

I’m giving my $365 today and asking you to join me in fulfilling Baba’s Birthday wish. In eternal gratitude for all his infinite gifts and blessings, in honor of his personal dedication to serving all, it is my great joy to give back to Baba by giving to his neediest people.

Join me by either giving a one-time gift of $365, or you can select a monthly recurring gift of $30.

Thank you for helping to make Baba’s Birthday wish come true!

Love, Mohini



You can help with as little as a dollar a day ($30 a month) to help make a difference in someone’s life!


Tripura Foundation Rameshwaram


Visit Tripura Foundation’s webpage to learn more about their project of love to help the widows and orphans of Rameshwaram get a better life:


Please donate any amount, big or small as your birthday gift for Babaji.

To donate, visit:


With love


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  1. kanwal chahl permalink
    January 31, 2014 1:19 pm

    DD posted for 365 dollars -23000 INR on 30 th Dec 2014.Sent from RediffmailNG on Android

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